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Ahhh Summer

Summer gives us permission to let go of our troubles for awhile…

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Ahhh Summer…

Summer grants perfect sun rises and perfect sun sets…  

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I think I dropped joy someplace

Someplace deep inside me there is a warm flowing reservoir of memories linked to children’s picture book stories where I can’t exactly pin point a specific place or a time, but only a “feeling.” It is sweet. As I grew, … Continue reading

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What kind of heart?

I collect hearts. I look for them in unexpected places. I love heart art where people create simple or elaborate pieces of work. I love photography where people have captured them in clouds, flowers, architecture, shadows, or any random find. … Continue reading

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Call me crazy…Go ahead

I’m barely allowing myself to come out of the Christmas dream. If you’ve kept up with my blog posts there would be no need for explanation… I LOVE Christmas I am an emotional hoarder I sssss-aaaaa-vvvvvv-ooooo-rrrrrr moments So, next week, … Continue reading

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Incredible People

Last week I sat quietly tucked in a 100 acre wood of western Massachusetts with thirty something strangers. We came to a “retreat” away from the normal life we lived in Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Poland, China, Jamaica, Iceland, Brazil, Bulgaria, … Continue reading

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More cake please!

Mom’s are lucky. They get to have more than one birthdays. Have you ever watched the series on television called  Long Lost Family? Mothers or Fathers and their grown children are searching for each other, who have been separated at  birth. (Bring your … Continue reading

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