March 12 stopped my routine walks at the high school track. Today I was drawn there. Hope was happening. The graduating senior’s pictures were being posted on poles as you enter. Their bright faces moving into the future was joyous.

There was another sign at the entrance and one on the school wall. They were not signs of hope but a cry of frustration. They said, “I can’t breathe. Justice 4 George, Justice for all.”
Isn’t it interesting that for the past several months our world has been focused on breath. We have been fighting a germ that attacks our freedom to breathe freely and live our “normal” lives, and we have become anxious and fearful of a normal occurrence we don’t commonly think about. We’ve cloistered ourselves from human contact. Our lives have changed drastically. We are forced to wear cumbersome masks so our breath doesn’t contaminate and germs stay abated. In those masks we can’t breathe well.
One dear neighbor, a professional,  has helped us lie in our spaces and concentrate on our breath to calm, regulate, and notice imbalance. The core of mind-fullness is awareness first on breath.
Some of us sadly know people who lost their ability to breathe and passed away due to Covid 19. Our breath is core to our existence and starts our life stories, and ends them too.
Isn’t it odd that during this difficult time of breath protection, as we worked so hard to  synchronize and unify that a brutal purposeful obstruction of breath would turn this silent pause into chaos.
George Floyd should be breathing today. But his breath was taken away not by Covid 19 but by a bad decision. Black Americans should feel heartbroken and outraged. I believe most humans feel heartbroken and outraged. What ever your belief system every human being’s most basic longing is to be able to breathe with safety, with peace and with love.
I SEE YOU  George Floyd and your family. I feel beyond sad this happened to you.
Here is a thought to think about:
“Be soft. Don’t let the world make you hard. Don’t let pain make you hate. Don’t let the bitterness steal your sweetness.Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” Zahn Thomas
Hope lies in believing the majority of humans are good and trying to be. Let us be a positive influence for good in the ways we can. It is time for a grateful  breath in and to not lose our hope. Love always wins.
It must.
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