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What kind of heart?

I collect hearts. I look for them in unexpected places. I love heart art where people create simple or elaborate pieces of work. I love photography where people have captured them in clouds, flowers, architecture, shadows, or any random find. … Continue reading

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Call me crazy…Go ahead

I’m barely allowing myself to come out of the Christmas dream. If you’ve kept up with my blog posts there would be no need for explanation… I LOVE Christmas I am an emotional hoarder I sssss-aaaaa-vvvvvv-ooooo-rrrrrr moments So, next week, … Continue reading

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Eat Dill Pickles

The summer pickle mason jar Don’t throw away pickle jars. Here is what you can do with them… Bug hotels (be sure to place some plant food and some sticks or items to crawl on)  You can cover the top … Continue reading

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Don’t hire me to paint!

There it is. The paint can. I don’t know what it is but I am in love with snapping off the lid of a paint can with that thick creamy substance inside that has the ability to completely transform a … Continue reading

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It never has melted away…

Once upon a time on a cold snowy day four years ago, I got on my boots, hat, and gloves and walked outside in my back yard with a shovel. As an artist I was searching for an explanation to pieces … Continue reading

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Cherry Kool-Aid Play Dough (continued)

I had to take a break from painting fog and run to color! My gray stained hands and compression sleeve show my impatience. “Mmmmmmmmm” A comforting sensory experience. It smells so yummy. It is warm. It is delicious pinkish red. … Continue reading

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Gray! (continued)

Been painting gray too long. It is effecting my soul. It is a clean, calm, cool color. It gives a nice modern feel. I keep telling myself it looks nice; fresh. Today I cover up the floor words: If you … Continue reading

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