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The gift of an ordinary day

I learned a life lesson that became more prominent after I was diagnosed with cancer. When stresses of life are too much for me to handle I find peace in the ordinary. Warm sudsy water, the rhythm of a dryer, … Continue reading

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The “other” list

I am thankful for windows. That quarter inch piece of glass stuck in a hole in the wall, a hole in our car; holes in buildings, in trains, in planes… which allows us to look out and see beyond ourselves… … Continue reading

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A contest

(Announcer) “Who’s it going to be folks? There is two left holding on for dear life? It’s now a fierce battle into the night!” “We have a Winner!” “Okay, you guys are next. Alright… ┬áready,.. set,… HOLD ON!” (I told … Continue reading

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Wind Dance

I believe nature has their own parties and we don’t even know its happening around us. Today was wind dance day for sure! And what a party it was!! If anyone has ever been in New England during fall there … Continue reading

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Music to my ears

I can’t think of any music more beautiful than a two year old singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to himself waiting to blow out golf-T candles stuck in colored Play dough. (Sigh, now that is music that fills my soul!)

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