Day 2

This day,

what would I have

taken home in my heart?


in the outer courts

of the temple;

 tables upturned,

chairs tossed aside,

and currency scattered.


acting out

in righteous anger…

But it lasts only a moment

and then calm.

Directly after

weary souls,

who’s legs do not work,

and eyes that can not see

are carried

or lead


those same




to that sacred place

in the outer courts

of the temple and


into the arms

of Jesus.

He blesses them







the miracles

begin to

take place.






 The children

who witness

are overcome





and in their

innocent testimonies,

cry out 

all together:

 “Hosanna to the Son of David!”

Jesus replies:

“Out of the mouth of


and sucklings (infants)

 thou hast perfected praise…”

If I were there,

I would have




What is Jesus thinking

as he leaves Jerusalem,

this second day,

on his quiet walk


to Bethany as

the sun begins

to slip


low into the sky.






(Matt. 21:12-16)

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If I was there that Palm Sunday



I have done

if I




entered the gates

of Jerusalem,


a donkey,

on that bustling

spring day,

as large crowds

gathered to


 for Passover?

I hope


would have

been one who


my outer garment



on the rough

dirt path,

helping to


the way,

for Him,

in the parade














contribute to

his death.

What was he thinking

as he quietly watched

the procession,


His view point?




I would not have

understood, on

this day,

what would


But I want to


I would have



to know

I was






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You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Anyone have a pent up scream?

For sure your teens do… (and maybe your cat!)

What do you do with a pent up scream?

We all have them, you know—and do you know what? That is part of the human experience and NOT BAD! (Remember self-compassion, no matter what)

Screams brew in our insides like a chemical reaction building building  building then ready to EXPLODE! (Insert boy noise of an explosion here)

It is energy that needs to be directed…someplace. But where?

Did you know you can bundle up scream energy, like a Relief Casserole and deliver it to “other” addresses instead of one big…


Where else can you deliver them, you ask? (Even the really combustible one I’m feeling today!!)

Here is a list where to put screams- I know about this stuff, I am an experienced screamer…

  • A punching bag left (or a pillow)
  • A car ride with or without a play list. (Sometimes a really really long one)
  • A hot shower with the door locked
  • Dancing (one of the 4 universal salves)
  • In an instrument or voice with music (Singing and music is universal salve number 2)
  • A house scrub down, car wash, organizing a drawer. (The vacuum fears you)
  • Exercise! Sports! A bike ride, your own marathon depending on how long that scream goes…
  • Cooking, especially something with beaters/ or eat ice cream like the poem
  • Journaling (And if you need tons of different ways to journal for you or teens, let me know)
  • A permanent marker and an empty closet wall (especially for your teens) Let them scream anything in their closet, and you just let it go…I write  on my basement ceiling, well and paint or build on every other surface I can find.
  • Art making or crafting of any and all kinds. (Do you know how many art pieces and art processes are silent screams? Millions)
  • A book, picture book, or movie/or writing your own. (Storytelling is universal salve number 3)
  • Gardening and touching earth
  • A walk out in nature (Silence is universal salve number 4 of four) Trees are the best listeners, I promise!
  • THE THIRD THING: (In the children’s picture book Miss Rumphius her grandfather reminds her of the “third thing” to accomplish in her lifetime. It is to make the world a beautiful place. It was then she decided to plant bulbs everywhere so each year they will multiply and blossom. Where can you put your scream that is the third thing?)

You know, dears—

This experience is hard and most of us do not like it.

And we do have screams inside and we are okay.

Wrap up your scream and place it someplace you choose.

And if you simply can’t get rid of it because the blanket it’s wrapped in is fear, then pray it out to Christ. I’m absolutely certain, He has screamed at least one time in His life in a garden somewhere…

Week 4, we got this!

Let’s grab hands, take a step in, and scream as loud as we can…

Screaming with a pen today,


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The Weather Within


We may not be able to control the heavy barometer pressure swirling outside, but we do have control of the barometer pressure and weather patterns on the inside of our homes.

What’s your inside weather today? Stormy, cloudy with a chance of showers? A full on storm? Will there be a monsoon? A wind that creates chaos and destruction? Is there a flurry?

Our internal barometer affects weather that we place around us, and weather of those we live with. Is the heavy pressure building? Are you dragging and stirring up dust?

This is a swirling storm time. It is frightening.

But it will not last.

Be aware of your weather patterns. We have the ability to make the inside weather better than what is going on outside. We actually can shine during storms.

Weather outside passes.

Weather inside sticks as atmosphere…

Be a weather watcher.

This will come…


I choose sunny…


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Tips for a Pandemic

Something I sent to family, friends and neighbors the day we went in hibernation mode. I realized I did not post it here. So here it is still applying after week w

Just a heads up since we get to spend some time together for awhile. Here are some ideas you may want to think about during this spiritual pause happening to the earth.

Kids ages 0-25 are extremely sensitive to fear energy–especially the kind that is swirling around in the present. Wanted to give some suggestions to help you as a parent, good neighbor, ministering angel, etc., to focus and share with your families and neighbors.
1. Preparedness also means comfort. Comfort foods, (yes, could be sugary), comfort hugs, comfort chats, comfort in warmth, (Put a sheet in the dryer and wrap you and your kids up in it), comfort in music, (get the tunes on and do some spontaneous dancing, or singing), comfort in play, (use your imagination) comfort in faith, (scriptures for sure!), comfort in keeping busy, comfort in animals and nature, comfort in exercise and movement, comfort in spontaneity and having fun together, comfort in laughter…. “Together” is the biggest comfort. Have your neighbors over and play games. Go out side and love spring. Feed the birds, visit the ponds and look for polliwogs– the forest is waking up. Go to the parks. Live life…
2. Check your face in the mirror. (Keep rechecking) Your face and body language is telling your family a lot. Fear is real, but it doesn’t have to consume you. You can show what faith looks like too. Be careful how much news you allow to be heard. When the children in 911 commented in schools after,  they thought hundreds of planes were crashing in buildings,, they didn’t know it was a clip played over and over. Be aware of this. Watch your energy and how you are putting your fear in the atmosphere. Calm it down in your home. They are holding on to you as their rock. Be the rock, not the sand…Remember that song? Go look at your face in the mirror and practice smiling. Even if you aren’t feeling it…They need you to.
3. Music has power to change moods very quickly. Hymns give peace. Fun happy music can keep us upbeat. If you are or a member of your family is feeling particularly out of control scared, then put on music. Leave it playing quietly in the back ground, it has a calming affect quietly saying, “All is well.”
4. You might laugh but when you focus on family and memories a good feeling comes. How about teaching your children about Family History now. Look up stories about your ancestors. Watch old home movies or recent ones. Look at photos.  …you may be very surprised.
5. Go on a grati-shoot. go on a car ride or do a eye-spy walk. Start taking photos of things you notice right now that your are grateful for. Gratitude is a natural infusion to joy. Start shifting your focus from fear to grateful. It really does have some pretty cool powers. Look up gratitude ideas on line or contact me…
6. Remember, routine is a child’s best friend. (A child meaning 0-25) Routine means safe. Routine means I know what to expect. Try to keep your family as close to a routine as you can during this hiccup of time. Keep family meals together. Talk together openly about feelings right now. Say family prayers together. Eat together. Keep to what you usually do best. Family connection is strength.
7. Create a family wish statement and say it as if it has happened. This is a statement you say in those quiet moments when you feel anxious. It could be, “The .(………family name) are healthy and safe.” “The (name) make it happen!”  “The (family name) trust in the Lord.”  What ever it is, allow your family to share it aloud together, and then quietly when they go to bed at night, while you get in the car, while you wash your hands, while you eat. It is a statement that you hold to which keeps you armored to faith instead of fear. Make it and say it…often.
8. Tell your children you will keep them safe. Explain why we are doing things that we are doing now. They can understand the why in different developmental levels without scaring them to death. Simply washing your hands sometimes can become obsessive if you don’t explain why.
9.  Learn together. Use this moment to teach life lessons. Its a doozy! How do you react to challenges? Are you a solution to the problem or a doom sayer?
10. Fear is no fun alone. If you know someone on your street, at your work, at your school that may feel particularly alone reach out. We are interconnected and social animals. We need each other, specific to times of stress. Serving someone feel good.  Shop for the elderly. There are always things you can do. Love conquers fear. Find those lonely.
We can do this everyone.
Keep the faith!
The Lord is in charge and all is well.
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5 Fun things to do during a Pandemic

(Never thought I’d write those words)

  1. THE VENTING WALL: People need to vent. Even little people. Dry erase, washable markers, water colors, or washable crayons work great on bathroom mirrors, tiles and sliding glass doors. You could make one a venting wall, one a gratitude wall and one to give encouragement. Or grab some paper and tape a private venting space behind a child’s bedroom door so they can create a private “scream spot” that they can run to that is safe and private not on social media. Draw happy…
  2. SURPRISE TREASURE ON A DOOR: Decide a thought for the day. If you are single/or with a family, depending on time (which we have a lot of) write the same thought on several nice pieces of paper (your kids could even decorate them), or simple post its, and take a walk around your apartment complex, or neighborhood and stick these thoughts on people’s doors or mailboxes for an uplift. Its like a surprise fortune cookie message to look forward to. Do it as an outing everyday or once a week to get out, and to send kind wishes out in the world, to your friends and neighbors. Here are three to get a head start.


Everything can change in the blink of an eye, but don’t worry, God never blinks.

 The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B. –James Yorker

Be soft

Don’t let pain make you hate

Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness.

Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree,

you still believe it to be a beautiful place.   –Zaln Thomas


  1. BAKE OR COOK SOMETHING TO EAT: This seems silly but this connects humans to feeling taken care of and nurtured. The sensory experience of touching, preparing, tasting, smelling the fragrant aromas then eating at the completion, and even a ritual of cleaning up is extremely soothing and fun if you are alone, or with others. Use this as a one on one with children to keep up with how they are feeling. When you work along-side you open an opportunity to share more…
  2. CREATE CAMPFIRES: Not the real kind, unless you have access to the weather and space. “Create circles” with friends and family even if they have to be virtual, (like the zoom app). Here are a few ideas for healing circles: Thorns and roses circles. Go around and tell what is bothering you and what you are glad about. Story circles: tell family stories or begin a story in the round. Dance circles: everyone picks a favorite part of a song and everyone dances to it. Pass around circle where you  choose an object and everyone who it is passed to must talk about a subject of choice. (or button button for little ones) Prayer circles: gather round and offer concerns or gratitude to the God you believe in. Circles go as far back as the beginning and it is where we feel connected and safe.
  3. COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY: I love this. It began in Italy on balconies when people stuck inside began going out, making music together. In your small community chose a time; like 6 pm and you facilitate a plan for everyone to go outside their front door (or balcony) and ring a bell, or shout hellos, or sing, or dance with music, but connect every day at that same time to shout out, “We are here and we care about each other.”


We can collectively send positive energy out into the universe because happy always wins in the end…

Have fun with this…we can do it!



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I am passionate about…

When I was in sixth grade my friend and I decided we were going to be sisters. She made me a sister bracelet, and she one exactly the same and for the next seven years we wore those white and yellow daisy beads passionate that our friendship went clear to sisterhood.

My son loved wolves as a child. Once his grandma took him to a wolf sanctuary were he could actually see real wolves interacting. He was thrilled. He isn’t quite so “in” to wolves anymore…

Why do we have passions? What are they for anyway? Where do they go when we don’t need them any longer?

Certain things tickle our fancy or grab hold of something inside making us feel connected, expressive, important, filled, energized or just plain happy.  Authentic passions don’t drain us, they fill us, naturally. They belong to us personally.

One of my sons frolics with math, splashing around into the depths gives him a thrill. A friend pours over needle point spending hours doing intricate stitches. Some people love to run while others can’t stand to walk to the mailbox. Some people love tattoos, some certain types of seeds for a garden, some building Legos, some watching podcasts.

Obsessive passions, on the other hand, are passions gone cuckoo. They are passions that deplete us or people around us by doing them, because they turn from being relaxing and fun, to addictive and fixating. Video gaming, exercise or dieting often turn into an obsessive passion. If something you once did for fun now is consuming your time, thoughts, or energy then perhaps you may re-think the real reason why you are doing it. It has changed from authentic to obsessive and is no longer a passion, now it is a pressure and no longer healthy for you, or those who care about you.

Passions are for our well being and bring us joy. Passions change as we grow up. Some stay forever, some serve a purpose for just a time. Think about a passion you had as a child. Think of one now. There is something magical about you and that connection. It makes you unique. It makes you happy. It makes you healthy…

What are you passionate about?



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