Better than bubble wrap

Everyone hopes there child will be able to withstand what is “out there” in the world. That first drop off at Kindergarten is often like opening up the cage at the lion’s den and waving, “See you later, I love you.” Wrapping your kid in bubble wrap just won’t cut it.

Creating resilient children builds up armor, shields, and strategies like army training and boot camp, empowering them to be safe and make good choices in situations when you are not there to “save” them. How do we create resilient children?

Every single parent has those moments lying awake at night wondering how or what because that lion’s den is knocking at our door, moving in strong and quick. Cute posts, including ones about family meals and goofy traditions may seem trivial yet give critical strategies that build up fortitude one day at a time. Be careful to not dismiss looking for something bigger or a quick fix because that is not the answer.

The exciting thing is that psychological, sociological, medical,…research support that creating resilient children is not about going BIG, (except for big passion) but zeroing in on the significant. Consistency is the key.

Today’s post puts another strategy in your hands and another link to the armor to save childhood and grow resilient children.

Power of family stories

Creating a sense of family; that we are joined in a team has power. It is an invisible shield that surrounds our children, and our own lives. Dr. Lisa Miller, in her book, The Spiritual Child created my favorite statement, “the supersized “WE.” Your family does not need to be perfect. In fact understanding we are not perfect is part of the glue that helps us learn and know we have others who have experienced imperfect lives but have made it through. Together makes resiliency.

Begin sharing brief moments. Ask lots and lots of questions to those who are still living to preserve the stories.

TALK. Talking with your children is the key! Talk and talk and talk. Tell family stories in the car ride about yourself as a kid; especially the imperfect stories. Tell stories while waiting for the dentist about how you used to get toys out of a toy box after your tooth was pulled. Tell about your grandparents’ first car, your uncle’s funny firewalk story, the tree house you built. Tell why you hate tuna fish but love sushi. Tell family stories and link your child to a group of people that wrap around them and protect them because they are part of the supersized “WE.”

One mother I know, reads family stories at night as part of the bedtime ritual.

My daughter-in-law creates family videos of regular day occurrences besides extended family excursions, which her children watch over and over and love them. This can create so many chances to remember and talk. It’s a digital history to revisit over and over.

And when that phone picture pops up naughty, those hurtful words hit hard, the offer to take that pill or smell that vapor is offered, or your child feels alone or dumb, they have been trained, they have been prepped, they are better equipped to face the adversity…

Keep the stories going on and on your whole lives. Help them tell theirs to add to the whole. Because the power is in the connection.

Tell. Share. FORTIFY!

There’s only one childhood.

Arm them with family! It’s better than bubble wrap.


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Quietly making the world better

Like a symphony, my last post was written with passion and momentum ending in an expressive crescendo reverencing motherhood.

Yet what I really hoped was for it to trigger memories of moments with your mom, or as a mom.

There are big stories in small moments.

“Not in loud words but in great works.”

                                                                        James Talmage
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Mom’s shake the earth

For all the vomiting. For all the body rearranging, for pain both physical, emotional, and mental… undescribed. For clothes that smell like sour milk. For giving up high heals to sit on the floor or quaffed nails from washing your hands incessantly. For nights never slept through and being so tired you were numb. For being okay with pooping sounds, burping sounds, whining, crabbing, complaining, being shunned, doors slammed, the “silent treatment, squabbles, or coos, giggles, laughter, snuggles, the word “mom” called out in night terrors, or waving at a Halloween parade. For fevers, stitches, driving to and from and then driving to and from again.  For folding clothes late into the night, looking for costumes, pulling apart sports paraphernalia to go in the wash, ironing a prom dress crease. For meal after meal after meal and school lunches. For packing for vacations and then recovering from vacations. For art work and letters and report cards and open houses. For the latest toy, another story read, looking for the lost bunny, french fries stuck in the seats of your van you swore you would never buy. For drums shaking the house, music lessons, life-guarding at the pool, beach, lake, friends house, for chores, messes, strange smells, shoes at the door, pants that have been outgrown. For family photos, recitals, sports events, miles stone events, tears of sadness, tears of joy…there is nothing in this world that could ever replace or come close to the blessing and gift of becoming and growing as a mother.

It is a position that cannot be replaced by anything else. Not even close. You can bask in achievements, hold prestigious positions, have lots of titles before or after your name. You can be the guest speaker or attend famous universities, conventions, seminars or even travel to space. You could discover inventions that will change mankind or shake and move the world through politics . You could make all the money in the world. But there is nothing more important, nothing as significant, nothing as precious as being a mother.

Do you know why? Because you are a maker of a human being. There is nothing more important in the whole world. It begins with the heart and continues in love. That is the biggest achievement on earth. No one would be here without you. Everything happens with you at the beginning and hopefully along the whole journey of life. YOU ARE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT PERSON TO THE EARTH. NO WONDER THEY REFER TO EARTH AS MOTHER…It is you that is honored. It is you we run to…


I love you mom. You have always been there…

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I Stand and Clap

We’ve all seen, or been in one of those school or church plays where there is a small part when someone taps across the stage, holds up something, stands like a tree, or sings one high note. It is the one-second-moment to shine and there is usually a parent waiting for the moment to click a photo or give out a yelp and clap.

I think blossoms and spring flowers are those one-second-part performers in the spring play. They don’t get to shine long. But their contribution to the performance is crucial.

I am the one in the spring play audience that holds my camera, stands with a yelp and claps. I blow kisses and say gratitude prayers. I tell the performers how beautiful they are and thank them. Because they are not on earth long…




IMG_5870 (1)


Yey, whooooo-hoooo, You are amazing!! Thank you! Love you…clap clap clap…

“The spring came suddenly, bursting upon the world as a child bursts into a room with a laugh and a shout and hands full of flowers.–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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Happy Easter


me too…

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Can’t get my head around this

I Stand All Amazed


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Countdown to Easter

I’m a Christian. I celebrate Easter. A few years ago I decided to read the count down of Jesus’ life in His last week to make Easter more special.  I do it every year now. I also love to read in the Bible about the incredible Passover story because it was Passover week when Jesus came to Jerusalem to live his last days. I have even bought foods in honor of the Passover.

If you would enjoy reading a few scriptures a day to countdown to  Easter here are just a few referenced from the King James Version of the Bible:

Sunday:  Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey. (Matthew 21:12-16) (Mark 11:1-10)

Monday: Temple Cleansing ( Matthew 21:23) (Mark 11: 15-19)

Wednesday: Teaching parables (Matthew 24-25)

Thursday: The Passover and the suffering for our sins (Matthew 26) (Exodus 12) (John 13: 1-7) (Mark 14: 1-11)

Friday: Death (Matthew 27: 1-61) (John 19) (Luke 23) (Mark 15: 16-47)

Saturday: The tomb (Matthew 2:62-66) (John 20:1-18) (Luke 24: 1-12)

Sunday: Jesus Christ Resurrected on Easter morning! (Matthew 28:1-10) (Mark 16: 1-8)

I am so grateful for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John who recorded the most important event in all of earth’s history so we could know what happened. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

King James Version (Bible)

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