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Emergency Literary Pharmacy

Do books treat what ails you? According to Jean Perdu they can and they do! This free anecdote for what our hearts need is found from the book-gem The Little Paris Bookshop  by Nina George.   Jean’s fun prescription for his … Continue reading

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Dad, I wish you knew how much we need you!

Egg + Sperm = new life This equation is a biological law that does not change no matter the trend, orientation, tendency, or species. New life requires part of a male and part of a female. The deposit in this … Continue reading

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What is your dad’s love language?

Not every father feels comfortable wrapping those big dad-arms around their child to say “I love you.” Papa’s love can’t match mama’s loving, but they are entitled to their own ways of expressing appropriate affections for their children. They have … Continue reading

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Completely gone…

Pretty cool, huh? (continued from previous post)

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Enchanted Phenomenon in the East

 Look closely  something magical is happening… The fairy babies have been released and they are everywhere! Everywhere! Waiting for their papas and mamas to come for them… Do you believe in fairy babies? Look close… When the first baby laughed … Continue reading

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