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Good-bye Decade, I love you…

Today is the last day of 2019. It is also the last day of the teens for this century. There will be no more for 100 years. I have not ever taken the time to notice the impact of this. … Continue reading

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Smelly Christmas

How do we capture memories? How do they imprint in our minds? It is from our emotional connections. All memory has an emotion tagged along with it. Emotions are triggered by our surroundings. If you wish to hold on to … Continue reading

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Quietly making the world better

Like a symphony, my last post was written with passion and momentum ending in an expressive crescendo reverencing motherhood. Yet what I really hoped was for it to trigger memories of moments with your mom, or as a mom. There … Continue reading

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It’s time to savor

Some folks “put” Christmas in and out quite quickly. I think of it a bit like opening an umbrella… ‘Wah-Lah’ it’s up,… ‘Click’ it’s down and done. It is tidy and efficient when its time to start the season up … Continue reading

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The Old Family Car

It is time to say good-bye to something that has become, well like family to us. It is our worn out…car! As I dig my hands deep between the seats and pockets to clean it out I find old ticket … Continue reading

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Creating a Ripple…

Racking my brain… My family is at the stage now, of counting my sweet mother’s breaths… But I live in mars, at least it feels like it! I want to be with her to help count and hold her hand. … Continue reading

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summer’s end with haiku

I open the door. Hey, the air feels different today… Goose bumps and freckles! It’s not September! Fall is taking cuts in line! Summer is slipping. No Summer! Don’t get mad! I did not bring the school bus. See, I’m … Continue reading

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