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Mom’s shake the earth

For all the vomiting. For all the body rearranging, for pain both physical, emotional, and mental… undescribed. For clothes that smell like sour milk. For giving up high heals to sit on the floor or quaffed nails from washing your … Continue reading

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My Gifts from God

Thank you- God. For trusting me to be a mom of five of your most precious treasures. I never dreamed my heart could hold so much! I never dreamed it would be so fun!

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How much do babies cost?

‘How much do babies cost?’ said he The other night upon my knee; And then I said: ‘They cost a lot; A lot of watching by a cot, A lot of sleepless hours and care, A lot of heartache and … Continue reading

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Little Heart

I wish to share one of my favorite writings inspired by two mothers I cherish for mother’s day coming up. One was growing a tiny heart inside next to her own heart suffering from hyperemisis while the other was resting … Continue reading

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My Treasures

Some folks I know, when friends drop in To visit for awhile and chin, Just lead them round the rooms and halls And show them pictures on their walls, And point to rugs and tapestries The works of men across … Continue reading

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Fill in moms

Yesterday my car was stuck inside a parking lot because a serious accident blocked the entrance. I had been on an excursion with four other mother’s from my town. We were trying to hurry home to meet buses and be … Continue reading

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31 uses for a mom

by Harriet Ziefert   clock chauffeur hairstylist tailor navigator doctor pitcher catcher retriever encyclopedia accompanist beach chair bottle opener taster fixer-upper photographer tooth puller party planner ruler opponent personal shopper answering service costume designer thermometer pet sitter mixer bank tweezer … Continue reading

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