In honor of my mother

Reflecting on my mother, she was never in a rush. This has become something I did not realize until right now, how powerful that one characteristic is. She seemed to be always present and “there,” willing to talk, ready to cuddle, able to sit and chat…always. I miss that most about her being gone. She always held us in her heart and we were most important in the moment.

Here is one of those moments I cherish more now than ever:

My mother used to take her hands and cradle them around our face most every day and look at us in our eyes. It was an act of holiness and we were the adored.

It was as if she would say without words and we would feel her warmth saying,


Life’s deepest heart hurts is to not feel “seen;” to “feel” invisible.

There are many days we rush by those we love, those we pass every single day, without really ever seeing them.

Why have we not taken our hands and cradled our lives and said, “I SEE YOU.”

I believe this is the lesson the pandemic is trying to teach us most of all.






Cradle your hands around in adoration and holiness.

I love you mom. I can still feel your hands cradling my face…



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1 Response to In honor of my mother

  1. Katie says:

    This made me tear up. I can feel her delicate, cool, wrinkled and soft hands on my face too as she’d pull me in to her. Miss her so much!

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