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Remembering our four legged soldiers

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…And crown thy good with brotherhood…

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Better than bubble wrap

Everyone hopes there child will be able to withstand what is “out there” in the world. That first drop off at Kindergarten is often like opening up the cage at the lion’s den and waving, “See you later, I love … Continue reading

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Quietly making the world better

Like a symphony, my last post was written with passion and momentum ending in an expressive crescendo reverencing motherhood. Yet what I really hoped was for it to trigger memories of moments with your mom, or as a mom. There … Continue reading

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Mom’s shake the earth

For all the vomiting. For all the body rearranging, for pain both physical, emotional, and mental… undescribed. For clothes that smell like sour milk. For giving up high heals to sit on the floor or quaffed nails from washing your … Continue reading

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I Stand and Clap

We’ve all seen, or been in one of those school or church plays where there is a small part when someone taps across the stage, holds up something, stands like a tree, or sings one high note. It is the … Continue reading

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