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Story #21: Mystery Box

The box’s postage was stamped and canceled but we could not see where it had been sent. There was no return address and it was addressed to Travis, our middle son. It was far before things were bought on the … Continue reading

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Story #20: Christmas in the woods

I had been pregnant sick for many months and my husband and I decided to get away from being so home bound so we decided to spend Christmas in a cabin in the mountains. We decided that we would not … Continue reading

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Story #19: Night Tree

Night Tree by Eve Bunting is a Christmas story about a family who decorates the same tree in a forest each year, in the evening time, for the animals. They sit and drink hot chocolate and sing a few carols, then … Continue reading

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Story #18: The Christmas guitar

The young musician showed me several guitars he would like if someone would give him one for Christmas. It was my very first official Guitar Center purchase alone. At first we looked up at all the pretty guitars hanging in … Continue reading

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Story 17: Ho Ho Ho…NOT!

The car air was now a stale mix of daddy and child toots, Mc Donald’s stale French fries from lunch, and a slight aroma of vomit as we neared our sixth hour of driving Highway 5 from Los Angeles to … Continue reading

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Story 16: The Princess and the Pea

The holiday festivities were full-on the year our oldest son brought his newly married wife home for her first Christmas away from her own family. The house was stuffed with Christmas; cookies to decorate, tons of food, friends visiting, wrapping … Continue reading

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Story 15: Little Crusaders

We had just bought a new home after living in a rental for a long time. We were just a few months from celebrating the year mark of the San Fernando earthquake and finally were getting our children to sleep … Continue reading

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