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Letting summer free

A six and four year old, a wonder, and a perfect evening helped me remember something vastly important. Neither of them had witnessed the magical phenomenon of the lighting bug (firefly) and they were determined to find out if this … Continue reading

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Only 1

Shedding that pandemic cocoon this year makes summer that much grander. We want out! But didn’t we also learn through the pandemic, we want a slower pace of living? We want to feel less rushed and feel more joy. I’ve … Continue reading

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A Poem in my Quiet Space

May 14, 2020 How do I love you?   How do I love you? For if you take all the screaming, all the fists thrust in the air, or the buckets with tears; buckets and buckets and buckets… How do … Continue reading

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March 12 stopped my routine walks at the high school track. Today I was drawn there. Hope was happening. The graduating senior’s pictures were being posted on poles as you enter. Their bright faces moving into the future was joyous. There was … Continue reading

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pressure cookers

When I was growing up my dad bought my mom this weird heavy yellow pot. He was so excited about it because it could cook food fast long before the microwave. My mother was afraid of it. But like a … Continue reading

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Did earth get her wish?

For a spectacular 2020 opening to the  year what if the universe granted earth one wish. What would earth have wished for? What would earth want more than anything? Did earth get her wish? Did she ask for some peace … Continue reading

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Serious? Mindfulness helps?

Have you been hit with the mindfulness stuff yet, you know to help “deal” with the world pandemic? If you haven’t you will. Stop and look at the present, they say. Breathe they say. Sit quiet and body scan. Are … Continue reading

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In honor of my mother

Reflecting on my mother, she was never in a rush. This has become something I did not realize until right now, how powerful that one characteristic is. She seemed to be always present and “there,” willing to talk, ready to … Continue reading

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Self Appointed Guardian

I think I was around five years old when I did it. Then it grew over the years. It was when I sensed in my five year old heart that my parents were deciding when they should take my lovey … Continue reading

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Ordinary things

…sprinkling Ajax around the sink, wetting a wash cloth and scrubbing the edges. Then you rinse clean, rinse your hands and dry them on a towel. …finding the right spot in the garden. Kneeling on a brown bag. Digging into … Continue reading

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