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A letter to you

Dear wanderer and seeker, Let’s take a journey together of words. Where shall we begin? Coming with me is booking a ticket into a new life, new land, new mystery, new time… I am your guide and will thrill you, … Continue reading

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Come on over!

Here’s your spoon. Come have a taste. Welcome new followers I have decided to combine the insightful flavors from my “Cancer Together; What do I do now?” blog and add it to this big potpourri bowl “Have Fun With It” … Continue reading

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One white Marguerite

If you would ask me what my favorite flower is it would be a white Marguerite daisy. I have never told this story to anyone before. It was in a High School art class. You know the elective that all … Continue reading

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Just a little morsel of spring to taste

Frances Hodgson Burnett’s, The Secret Garden is one of the most magical full-sense spring experiences. You will never look at nature and her healing powers the same again. Here is just one little morsel to taste: “A sudden thought made her scramble … Continue reading

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I nearly missed it

It’s Monday… Yesterday I worshiped Christ, the Lord over Easter. I honored the most important event in the history of the whole earth. But today its over. How do I feel God loves me today, you know for just me; … Continue reading

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Easter’s message

I stand all amazed…

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this night while everyone slept…

Originally posted on Have Fun With It!:
Have you felt   alone   anger pain loss   desperate defeated deserving   nauseated manipulated humiliated   clumsy stupid judged   embarrassed abandoned betrayed   starved denied rejected   sad sick broken…

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