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To Love is not to absorb but to radiate

Quote by Louis S. Strong Advertisements

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What kind of heart?

I collect hearts. I look for them in unexpected places. I love heart art where people create simple or elaborate pieces of work. I love photography where people have captured them in clouds, flowers, architecture, shadows, or any random find. … Continue reading

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When the sun comes out

I get the rare treat of visiting Fort Bragg, North Carolina on occasion. I am here now. Besides being an eye witness to extraordinary human beings and sacrifices no one ever considers there is a crazy wonderful phenomenon that exists … Continue reading

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Call me crazy…Go ahead

I’m barely allowing myself to come out of the Christmas dream. If you’ve kept up with my blog posts there would be no need for explanation… I LOVE Christmas I am an emotional hoarder I sssss-aaaaa-vvvvvv-ooooo-rrrrrr moments So, next week, … Continue reading

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Where can we get some Christmas spirit?

Have you felt the Christmas spirit this year, yet? Don’t you wish we could go to Costco and buy some Christmas spirit in the freezer section (North Pole) and put it the microwave until it gets toasty and warm and … Continue reading

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Keeping Christmas

Christmas doesn’t just appear. It happens. With effort. Keeping Christmas is more than pulling it out from the dusty attic rafters. It is more than buying costly gifts or putting up that “darn” tree. It is about doing something to … Continue reading

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It’s coming…

Those three words give me a little thrill. It feels like every single day more options become available to wait… less. Instant info… Instant speech… Instant pictures… Instant food… Instant lights on… Instant air freshener… Instant communication… Instant up and … Continue reading

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