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Like a “bug”

We catch things from our parents like a “bug.” But unlike a cold, I believe those things we catch never go away. I know I caught claustrophobia from my mother. In my child recollection it was either in the stuck … Continue reading

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It was Halloween night. We were making our way around the neighborhoods standing back as self appointed flash light holders while our two children, four and six years old, were filling their pillow cases with more candy than they could … Continue reading

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More cake please!

Mom’s are lucky. They get to have more than one birthdays. Have you ever watched the series on television called  Long Lost Family? Mothers or Fathers and their grown children are searching for each other, who have been separated at  birth. (Bring your … Continue reading

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Calling and checking

Just two nights ago I was preparing dinner alone in my house when the radio emergency broadcast alarm went off at the same time as my cell phone’s alarm. The broadcaster firmly said for the people in my town to … Continue reading

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For the sake of science

It was Oscar, the Kindergartner’s diffused look that made me want to go against “policy.” I pulled out a large bag of Skiddles for the first science experiment and then declared, “Remember, this is not for eating, only for observing.” … Continue reading

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Frustration Power

Yesterday it took me four and a half hours to get to and from the airport. It is 48 miles away. You would have thought leaving at 6:15 would have been smooth sailing, but I was re-routed several times due … Continue reading

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It’s nearly here, I can sense it

I was given a 12 minute writing prompt in a writers group today. I would like to share what I wrote. Prompt: “That’s when I was no longer a stranger…” I hated the east when I moved here 20 years … Continue reading

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