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Cherry Kool-Aid Play Dough (continued)

I had to take a break from painting fog and run to color! My gray stained hands and compression sleeve show my impatience. “Mmmmmmmmm” A comforting sensory experience. It smells so yummy. It is warm. It is delicious pinkish red. … Continue reading

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Gray! (continued)

Been painting gray too long. It is effecting my soul. It is a clean, calm, cool color. It gives a nice modern feel. I keep telling myself it looks nice; fresh. Today I cover up the floor words: If you … Continue reading

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It’s time for change (artful summertime)

Sixteen years ago my little girl and first child left home for college. This is her as a mouse being carried away via daisy air travel. What do you do when you feel blue? I run to color to make … Continue reading

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ten little pennies

Do you have ten pennies? Count them out. Put them in one side of your pocket or wallet. When you compliment someone put one penny in your other pocket. When you compliment yourself put one penny in your other pocket. … Continue reading

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The Book Nest

…He laid out mystical ballads, hard-edged old stories about chasms, fall, peril and betrayal at her feet. Soon Anna was surrounded by piles of books as a woman in a shoe shop might be surrounded by boxes. Perdue wanted Anna … Continue reading

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Quiet Firework’s Show

Fourth of July fireworks is a beautiful celebration except for those who are afraid of loud noises with hearing sensitivity; which is most little kids. Here is a cool and fun alternative for your little ones to be “in control” … Continue reading

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