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A Halloween Blessing

I hope when I am 89 years old that I will dress up in my Halloween vest, have a real pumpkin carved, and wait at the door with a whole bowl of candy for the kiddies to come. She gave … Continue reading

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October Moon…

Grandma Great always says, “If you stay up too late, you will turn into a pumpkin.” I guess, it is true, Babbers! Happy October!

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I do it for me!

Hello Little Boo Boo! It’s Halloween again! There is something warm and cozy about pulling out the special boxes of past handmade-handpicked stuff to display for the seasons. There are stories that come with these decorations and I won’t let … Continue reading

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Skater shoes and a vomit bowl

Life changes so subtly. We usually don’t notice. I watched my son walk in sync with his dad to the train dressed in a suit and shined black shoes, as I drove away. When I walked back in the front … Continue reading

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Been crawling on my floor lately…   No, my back isn’t thrown out. Me and Babers are hanging out together for awhile.   After I got past counting the dust bunnies And steering away from daddy long legs I began … Continue reading

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