Who I am…

I forgot who I was.

I was getting ready to do a presentation in graduate school on something I was passionate about. (Reading aloud to children) I was so anxious about the presentation I had made myself sick over it. I was an older student and was struggling to fit in with the sharp young adults, keep up with the new technology, time commitments, and wondering if I had a brain anymore, etc.  While we waited to enter the classroom, a colleague asked about my project, clearly seeing my angst. I could feel my heart beating as I explained what I would present and displayed my insecurity.  He looked at me and said, “Just have fun with it.” Literally I felt struck inside.  ‘Jen! This is your philosophy and has been forever.’ I realized this was the reason why I was standing there in the first place. I went to graduate school for the “fun” of learning.

I try to spin the world so that there is a light happy feel to the present moment.  Having fun with it is my way of taking the regular things in life and using my creative spirit to change it up a bit. I learned at a very young age that we can shape and mold the very atmosphere in which we live.  I have chosen to make the weather around me sunny as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an artist, a writer, and even while facing life’s really tough challenges.

That is how I want to live in this world.  So get out some crayons, put on your most comfy shoes, pull out your inner child, don’t worry about the little messes, and have fun with it!

6 Responses to Who I am…

  1. Erik Schneiber says:

    your also amazing at art. My two favorite things you’ve done with your house are… the stairway, and the entrance dresser with the broken plate glass shards on it. so cool. I want my wife to come to your house to get ideas on how to decorate ours. I always loved giving to your house! I also forgot your play room. It has a stopsign with a basketball hoop (kept me and trav and danny and z man and ty out of trouble! except when we put a hole in the wall… love you!

  2. Winona Stowell says:

    Jennifer–this is so fun to see new and remember old creations of yours! You have such a happy outlook on life that shines through your home and it’s beauties!! Love it! Thanks for sharing. I also remember your most profound advice to me–“Never underestimate the power of 15 minutes”!!

    Yeah for you,

  3. Zachary says:

    Mommy, you were meant to be heard by a lot of people. The more who hear and see your creativity and your spirit, the better off they are. I love your blog.

    Love you mamma


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  5. Lori Jones says:

    Jen, This is so insightful! I love seeing your posts! Great job, and I hope to keep seeing these!

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