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a little summer left

Have you had the chance to drive with the windows rolled down and the tunes up, yet? There’s still a chance because there’s still a little summer left!  

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The dog bite

I don’t want my blog to be political because then it would be sucked into a treacherous current that is difficult to get out of. And here is one small example why. Just two days ago, after a sweet little … Continue reading

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One in every recipe

Okay these did not scoop out in perfect squares like those in Pinterest pictures but it was a plop of sticky finger-lickin’ yummyness. 3 full trays of happy for the NYC homeless run but of course, was short one! I … Continue reading

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I hope it is…

Do you ever wonder if this really is how it is for loved ones who have passed on. That they are ¬†really this close…and babies see them.. “Hello today dear one, I can see you and I am this close…” … Continue reading

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sharing bubble tea

The thing about summer is that it isn’t about all the big things planned but it is about all the little spontaneous moments ¬†you make time for…

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