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February Stinks

Cupid is set free in February which begins tomorrow! Daaaa-da-da-da-dum-da-da-da… But he is also a lousy aim and his arrows miss. February stinks for those who are left picking up the dumb arrows lying on the ground. My past February … Continue reading

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Batman…bye bye

I feel…   GREAT!   (continued from previous post) Proof… just in case you didn’t believe me.

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Thank you, Batman!

A QUIRK that may actually work for the illogical.. Ah-hem..ME! In past posts I have admitted my weakness for clutter and “creative or sentimental” hoarding. I do not participate in the world rationally or logically in most thought processes which … Continue reading

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I am in!

(Continued from previous post) I was pushed off that ominous diving board into 2016 by a one and a half year old nicknamed “Ookie.” I came up drenched and splattering, but laughing! “Ookie” had contracted the nasty virus going around … Continue reading

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It is eleven days after New Years. My super hero cape was tied subliminally around my neck ¬†as the clock ticked down and the new year began. (You know the one we tie on each New Years or school start … Continue reading

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