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February Stinks

Cupid is set free in February which begins tomorrow! Daaaa-da-da-da-dum-da-da-da… But he is also a lousy aim and his arrows miss. February stinks for those who are left picking up the dumb arrows lying on the ground. My past February … Continue reading

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Batman…bye bye

I feel…   GREAT!   (continued from previous post) Proof… just in case you didn’t believe me.

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Thank you, Batman!

A QUIRK that may actually work for the illogical.. Ah-hem..ME! In past posts I have admitted my weakness for clutter and “creative or sentimental” hoarding. I do not participate in the world rationally or logically in most thought processes which … Continue reading

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I am in!

(Continued from previous post) I was pushed off that ominous diving board into 2016 by a one and a half year old nicknamed “Ookie.” I came up drenched and splattering, but laughing! “Ookie” had contracted the nasty virus going around … Continue reading

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It is eleven days after New Years. My super hero cape was tied subliminally around my neck  as the clock ticked down and the new year began. (You know the one we tie on each New Years or school start … Continue reading

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