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Little tastes of happy

Boy oh boy did my kitchen smell yummy today… Why do little cookie cutter cookies make me smile from mixing bowl to tummy? Not sure but they always do. So loved making sweet messes with my little girls! Help yourself- … Continue reading

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Have you ever accidentally slipped and cut your finger with a knife? In that instant you know as the pain socks a punch, the blood begins to leak, and the shivers begin as you rush to cover and pinch. But … Continue reading

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The need to scream!

I encourage healthy screaming. Life gets weird, lonely, frightening, hopeless, frustrating, unfair, and so out of whack that sometimes we need to scream because we want someone to hear us.  But isn’t screaming a little extreme and impolite, you say? … Continue reading

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I am a survivor. My life is a miracle and I bless every single day. Today, October 1st marks the beginning of breast cancer awareness month.  Pass along some lovin.’ Your cancer friends will love it.  It’s great to be … Continue reading

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