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summer’s end with haiku

I open the door. Hey, the air feels different today… Goose bumps and freckles! It’s not September! Fall is taking cuts in line! Summer is slipping. No Summer! Don’t get mad! I did not bring the school bus. See, I’m … Continue reading

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Holding tight to summer

Dear Summer,   You and me are going to hang out for the duration!   I got a new book at the library today when my flat tire was getting fixed next door.   I bought more sunscreen.   I … Continue reading

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Pinky has come to earth!

I just have to share another Grandma Grin!   It’s a fun story!   I don’t live by Minky and Dinky who were (yep, were) expecting Pinky. Pinky’s debut was August 11th. I had been visiting the area for 5 … Continue reading

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The power of Happy

Vika is an angel. She is my mother’s care-giver. My mother is in her 89th year and not only suffers from congestive heart failure, but broken heart syndrome, after the love of her life passed away last year. But Vika … Continue reading

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Nearly Pinky’s debut

Waiting for an extra special occasion… It’s nearly Pinky’s debut! I love pregnancy for one thing besides the big thing… having the baby! Pregnancy allows you to be excused for anything. You can use it to your advantage for almost … Continue reading

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