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It’s coming…

Those three words give me a little thrill. It feels like every single day more options become available to wait… less. Instant info… Instant speech… Instant pictures… Instant food… Instant lights on… Instant air freshener… Instant communication… Instant up and … Continue reading

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Mental Sunshine feels good…

Do you feel… overwhelmed? Exhausted? Depressed? Out of energy? Nervous for no particular reason? Stress and depression give us “tunnel vision.” We sit in our challenges and spiral even deeper as our focus stays on the negative feelings. “We can … Continue reading

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Incredible People

Last week I sat quietly tucked in a 100 acre wood of western Massachusetts with thirty something strangers. We came to a “retreat” away from the normal life we lived in Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Poland, China, Jamaica, Iceland, Brazil, Bulgaria, … Continue reading

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here and there

I am a California girl; born and raised. It’s in my blood. But until I moved to New England, did I learn how to truly┬ácelebrate the seasons. Fall in California you never carve your pumpkin until the night of Halloween … Continue reading

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