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There was a chill in the church. I put my hands in my coat pockets while the Easter sermon hummed along. In an instant I was mentally and emotionally transported to another place. Inside my right pocket was dirt. I … Continue reading

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Good-night Easter

 I feel content tonight at the end of this Easter day. All over the world there are people like me celebrating a risen, Jesus Christ. We may be from different types of Christian churches but we all are trying, in … Continue reading

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The Final Week

The final week of the Savior’s mortal ministry had arrived. For four thousand years prophets had preached and prophesied of the events that would culminate in this particular week. All events in history, memorable as they had been or would … Continue reading

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Easter in a plastic egg

It’s Here!!!!   Here’s those eggs you have been searching for your mom or grandma made a long time ago where you open up one egg a day and it gives a small portion of the Easter story inside with … Continue reading

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Mc Donald’s French Fries

I did it! It was an indulgence that needed to happen! Babbers is now a big brother. He is confused why a bundle of blankets, which sometimes makes squawking noises takes his place on mommer’s lap all of a sudden. … Continue reading

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Do you wake up every day expecting things without really acknowledging any miracles? What miracles? Do you ever say, ‘I don’t witness any “walk on water” miracles!!’ But they come everyday. I would like to list a few of my … Continue reading

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