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Who is your God?

Who is your God? What is He or She like? Do you talk to Him or Her? A friend and I were discussing God over dinner after she had offered grace before we ate. She had grown up Catholic and … Continue reading

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It’s time to play

Be true to your authentic self even if your shoes have splatters of paint… It brings happiness to the soul. How do you find that self? Go back to your childhood and remember what you played when you were free … Continue reading

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More Date Ideas for RAK  Posting dating ideas to support the fun of being kind: Here is today’s RAK Date Ideas: THEME: Be Kind to workers and places you normally go Date #1: MAKE A DAY! a. Fill your post box with colorful post-its … Continue reading

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Date Ideas: Be Kind to Animals  Posting dating ideas to support the fun of being kind: Here is today’s RAK Date Ideas: THEME: Be Kind To Animals Bird feeder date: A. Pool your money and go to, Walmart, Home Depot or Lowe’s and purchase one … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness week is coming February 12th! nice matters Do simple things to make a difference for kindness. Be kind to animals Be kind to the earth Be kind to workers Be kind to places you regularly go Be kind in your family Be kind on … Continue reading

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Snoring brings out my evil twin!

I am so clever to write a tongue-in-cheek blog post about my grandchild and his ability to torture his parents through lack of sleep. I pat myself on the back for being wise and experienced about “handling” sleep deprivation … Continue reading

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Ladies! Have fun with this!

Originally posted on Have Fun With It!:
Here are a few ideas for you to do for YOUR man for Valentine’s… 1.  Make cupid’s love arrows out of tooth picks and a little construction paper place then where your sweetheart…

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