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Life’s fragility

In one second I could send these piles of useless rocks to their original heap with a flick of my toe or finger. But I can’t. I won’t! The rock formation takes on a life of its own standing firm and statuesque … Continue reading

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Your heart never gets too full!

Your heart has so much love in it.  The more of this love that you share and give away, the more you will have to share.  Love is not a substance that runs out; it’s like a muscle…the less you … Continue reading

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The Thank you Project

I am joining in on the Thank you project celebrated on Discovery/Family Channel. To take a moment to thank people for any way they have affected life for good. Today I gave my cancer surgeon a note telling her I … Continue reading

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World Kindness Day! November 13

The world is lost for want of sweetness and kindness. Do not forget that we need each other. Mother Teresa

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“Hmmm, I think I will paint,” exclaims God

Squirt, squirt. “Yes these will be my colors…” I hope my children love it…

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King Midas has come…

Look what has happened! Gold EVERYWHERE!

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