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Make your own fun

Summer usually gives breaks to a family’s hectic schedules and is a time for a bit more freedom and relaxation; that is if you want it to happen that way. It is also a great time to create your very … Continue reading

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It’s time to play

Be true to your authentic self even if your shoes have splatters of paint… It brings happiness to the soul. How do you find that self? Go back to your childhood and remember what you played when you were free … Continue reading

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Date with some old friends

Just pumpkin, apricot, white, paint brush, and me having fun together as the winds blew and the flakes fell…

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Dear Sweet Summer

Dear sweet summer came a whistlin’ in through my morning window today, sprinkling sparkly sun glitter on my bedspread and made me giggle at the chatter of a squirrel/robin quarrel. I followed with a lazy yawn and a morning stretch, … Continue reading

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I know we like to skim through blogs because we live life on fast forward but this is worth the  time spent for our health! It is the underlying  theme for my blogs …I’m Learning to be SILLY I make … Continue reading

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Befuddled and Perplexed

Well I am befuddled! That little egg which contains that stretchy plastic glob that stretches an arm’s length,  pops when it gets a bubble, prints off of newsprint,  is given to ADD and ADHD children to help them focus, (along … Continue reading

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Winter Blahs–It’s Play time!

Do you have the recipe for the best Play dough in the whole world? NO?  Well here it is to share my friend! The great thing about using art in your life is that you don’t have to be a … Continue reading

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