Ladies! Have fun with this!

14 days of valentines for your special someone

Have Fun With It!

Here are a few ideas for you to do for

YOUR man for Valentine’s…

1.  Make cupid’s love arrows out of tooth picks and a little construction paper place then where your sweetheart can find them.  Wrap a scavenger hunt on each to find  a sweet surprise at the end. 

2. OR You can go to the dollar store and buy one of those bow and arrows with the suction cups on the end and use as cupids love dart.  Stick it on their computer screen with a very romantic date invitation or a love poem or a message. (I snuck this at my husbands work and they hid me in a closet.  When he came back from work everyone was in on it and after years and years people still remember…)

3. OR…… Get a piece of construction paper and hole punch a heart on it.  Place the…

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