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Dad, I wish you knew how much we need you!

Egg + Sperm = new life This equation is a biological law that does not change no matter the trend, orientation, tendency, or species. New life requires part of a male and part of a female. The deposit in this … Continue reading

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Who is your God?

Who is your God? What is He or She like? Do you talk to Him or Her? A friend and I were discussing God over dinner after she had offered grace before we ate. She had grown up Catholic and … Continue reading

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I was a little Skunkneck

My father was wicked witty and claimed he did not have a creative bone in his body. You be the judge… He had his own vocabulary that would just flow out of his mouth such as “Bushwa” which was short … Continue reading

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My Dad taught me to love words

I have somewhat of a walk to my mailbox. This day was not particularly different as I trudged up the hill to get bills and junk mail.  A large envelope stuck out as the red mailbox door hung below. I … Continue reading

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Tears over Dental Fillings

My father was a dentist. His office was very much an extension of our home. His toy box sits in my entry hall; with the same lid that falls and hits your head when you peek for a prize so … Continue reading

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My Dad called me Lunk-Plunk!

I believe in Fathers! So much so I want to dedicate the next several blog posts to all good Dad’s in the month that celebrates them! I am not one of those women who flaunts being better in a “manless” … Continue reading

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One year ago today I walked a message in the snow to my mother who had stepped into heaven only a few short hours earlier. I felt bitterly cold to the core, silent, lonely, and empty… Exactly one year later, … Continue reading

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Everybody needs a Daddy!

He was about three years old. I don’t even remember where he found it. But it ended up in his room next to his bed one night. We ended up taping it to his wall above his bed because he … Continue reading

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In my own way

Dear Dad, One year ago today you went to heaven without saying good-bye. I began writing you a letter this morning to tell you all about everything going on. But stopped. I realized You already know everything. You are watching … Continue reading

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