Thank you, Batman!

A QUIRK that may actually work for the illogical..


In past posts I have admitted my weakness for clutter and “creative or sentimental” hoarding. I do not participate in the world rationally or logically in most thought processes which completely baffles those who do and try to fix me.

So here is a quirk I recently unburied in the Real Simple Magazine from an advice article from Marie Kondo on…(drum roll please)

“The Clutter Conqueror!”


I just crack up every time I see this in magazines…which is just about every single one that is not about star’s lives!

But this one sparked the thought…

‘Hmmmmmm, could this actually work, for ME?’

These are the words:

Hold each object in your hand. [You know, the ones we are supposed to get rid of]

If it doesn’t spark joy, you know you need to part with it. [Easier said than done, oh so logical one whose house is probably void of dear pieces of children’s art work, memories of loved ones, or creative junk. It all sparks joy that’s the problem!]

Here is the clincher…

Many of my clients feel guilty about letting something go, [Is it guilt or do we just like to be wrapped up in the memories of it all or hope to use it someday?] so I encourage them to say “thank you” to the item before getting rid of it. It sounds strange, [Well, um that doesn’t really sound strange, that sounds actually really cool.]

but they [US, those weirdos who won’t let go…]

tell me it works–[she is surprised by her own advice because she does not do it herself?] it relieves them of guilt. [Thank goodness!]

When we appreciate items in our lives, even those that won’t be a part of our lives much longer, it helps us feel better about our decisions. [Waa Laah! Okay!]

Let’s give it a go:

Thank you, Batman. You were a thrill most of the time for being a super hero in our play room, even though all those Styrofoam innards just would never stop leaving your body and stick on our food, our clothing, and our parts no matter how many times I stitched you up. Please go now and guard another child and their toys and live long and brave!

Wow, I do feel better.

This is going to be a LONG process!


I can’t seem

to put Batman

in the car

to take to Good Will

…He looks so cute!

and I don’t feel guilty saying that….


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1 Response to Thank you, Batman!

  1. Katie says:

    You got rid of batman?!!! But….errrrr…. We were gonna use him someday!!!

    I guess I have a problem too 😉

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