I am in!

(Continued from previous post)

I was pushed off that ominous diving board into 2016

by a one and a half year old

nicknamed “Ookie.”

I came up drenched and splattering,

but laughing!

“Ookie” had contracted the nasty virus going around the United States called hand, foot, and mouth disease with a blistery rash, just simply from breathing the air or touching something random.

Once his fever broke lying around was no longer an option for him.

He got up and stood with his back to the front door watching me closely with his droopy eyes and soft blanket close at hand.

I engaged in a hide-and-seek game, hiding behind a wall about 15 feet away, sneaking a peek to see if he was looking.

He was.

I wriggled my fingers out from the wall so he could only see part of me.

He giggled which sounded like little bells,

after seeing him lie limp.

Then he ran.

He ran towards me to the place where I was hiding!

He did not stay far away safely by the door nor

 wait for me to come to him in full view.

He ran with gusto to the unknown;

the place of surprise and possibility!

He knew about the “boo” that could come.

But he ran



Ookie is wise.

2016 I am in…

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1 Response to I am in!

  1. Katie says:

    Awe!!! That boy is all in!! And such a love!

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