It is eleven days after New Years.

My super hero cape was tied subliminally around my neck  as the clock ticked down and the new year began.

(You know the one we tie on each New Years or school start when we are going to change the world…or at least ourselves at those pivotal beginnings with goals or resolutions or aspirations…)

But 2016 did not bring the super hero out of me. In fact I am speechless to add a dynamo post about cleaning clutter, eating kale, adding a cardiovascular workout, recycling…

In fact I feel I am grasping on to the end of a high dive, sheepishly peeking over into a deep abyss way way down below, while my super hero cape blows over my head in the wind.

2016 feels unsettling to me.

I feel the world changing and that I am

hesitant and uncomfortable.

I am not sure what I am supposed to save or change or do to make a difference for me or for you.

So here I sit on this eleventh day…


peering over the edge of that diving board into the new year…

Not really

ready to jump in yet.

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