Pinky has come to earth!

I just have to share

another Grandma Grin!


It’s a fun story!


I don’t live by Minky and Dinky who were (yep, were) expecting Pinky.

Pinky’s debut was August 11th.

I had been visiting the area for 5 weeks. 

(I promise, I wasn’t staring at Minky’s tummy and asking her if she felt anything the entire time!)

But I admit I secretly prayed everyday Pinky would choose to debut just a little early…for me–the far away Grandma!

Safely done…but early. Like those gooey chocolate chip cookies you take out just a tiny bit before the timer goes off…

But no Pinky!

And the next day…No Pinky!

And the next

and the next…

you get the picture—right.

My plane was to leave…of course…Aug. 11th!


August 10,  Dinky and I arrange to say good-bye Aug. 11th around noon.

                  “Pooh!” I say out loud. “I’m going to fly away, then                           Pinky will pop!”


I decide right there and then that I would not pray anymore that Pinky would come, but that I would allow Heavenly Father to send her when she needs to come. I got up from my knees my last night before bed…and…

my phone rings. 




We spend the rest of the night having a labor and delivery cyber party as they give me the play by play, over the phone, of Pinky’s ride to earth!

We laugh and squeal at every contraction.

         “Oh my, is it funner

  not to be the one

pushing the bowling ball

through the itty bitty

passage way to earth!”

(Poor Minky!)

Reese Morgan came August 11th just before 9 a.m. Just in time for ME to spend several hours cuddling her in my arms before I flew away!

I whispered in her ear,

“Welcome to earth, and I love you so much!”


Her parents first kiss was the night of a Meteor Shower, and Reese was born the night of a Meteor Shower!

What a celebration!


What a send off!

I just keep grinning

and grinning

and grinning

when I think

about it!

My son is a daddy!


What fun! 

(By the way…Thanks Heavenly Father!)


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1 Response to Pinky has come to earth!

  1. Emily Edwards says:

    So glad you were able to see our little girl!

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