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Lucky or Blessed?


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Lucky or Blessed?

It makes a huge difference which one you believe about your life! Are you lucky or are you blessed? I CHOOSE BLESSED! THANK YOU GOD! Luck is so random…

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Just a little branch

For some reason this comes to my memory as Thanksgiving comes closer… Several years ago, I had signed up, with my community, to take dinners in to a family who was grieving a fluke summer accident. Their middle school boy … Continue reading

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Family Trivia Thanksgiving Game

Tried and true game for ages 5-105: Supplies: 2 or more small pieces of paper per person pencil container to place papers in Directions: ¬†Give everyone in the family at least 3 pieces of paper. Have everyone write a different … Continue reading

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Make ahead Turkey Gobble-up Gravy

(This secret recipe keeps me off the world’s-worst-gravy-maker chart which I have been on most of my life!) Make Ahead Turkey Gobble-up Gravy Makes 8 beautiful, fantastic, non-lumpy, delicious, I-can’t-believe-I-actually made-this and it worked cups. You can freeze up to … Continue reading

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