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The end of a college semester my parents decided that they would take me on a long way home journey and stop at various sites they had chosen along the way. The last destination we would stay several nights. That … Continue reading

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A really good day

Ted Talk Louie Schwartzberg Gratitude If you wish to be changed for the better, please take a moment and watch this from beginning to end. Then share it with anyone you know. I am going to leave it up all … Continue reading

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“I want it NOW…”

Varuca Salt’s, a character in Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, finds a golden ticket and will be one of the chosen six to enter into the secret walls of the infamous candy maker, Willy Wonka. She makes … Continue reading

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The “other” list

I am thankful for windows. That quarter inch piece of glass stuck in a hole in the wall, a hole in our car; holes in buildings, in trains, in planes… which allows us to look out and see beyond ourselves… … Continue reading

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Lucky or Blessed?

Life is invigorating and crazy with this man! Blessed beyond words Which are you? Lucky or blessed… Happy Thanksgiving to those who feel blessed!

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Lucky or Blessed?

SO BEYOND BLESSED! Two angels… One now as my angel guardian, one angel I still get to hug.  

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Lucky or Blessed?

Blessed once again!

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