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Did earth get her wish?

For a spectacular 2020 opening to the  year what if the universe granted earth one wish. What would earth have wished for? What would earth want more than anything? Did earth get her wish? Did she ask for some peace … Continue reading

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The Weather Within

We may not be able to control the heavy barometer pressure swirling outside, but we do have control of the barometer pressure and weather patterns on the inside of our homes. What’s your inside weather today? Stormy, cloudy with a … Continue reading

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The gift of an ordinary day

I learned a life lesson that became more prominent after I was diagnosed with cancer. When stresses of life are too much for me to handle I find peace in the ordinary. Warm sudsy water, the rhythm of a dryer, … Continue reading

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A sweet message to begin Christmas time shown on Time Square!


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Happy December 10th, 2013 A tune to hum today: “Peace on Earth goodwill to men” I heard the Bells on Christmas Day    by J. Baptiste Cakin 1872 Peace:  a quiet;  freedom from anxiety, annoyance, or other mental disturbances; tranquility; mental … Continue reading

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