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magical bubbles…

magical babies  

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Dear Sweet Summer

Dear sweet summer came a whistlin’ in through my morning window today, sprinkling sparkly sun glitter on my bedspread and made me giggle at the chatter of a squirrel/robin quarrel. I followed with a lazy yawn and a morning stretch, … Continue reading

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delight  v. 1 please, gratify, satisfy, gladden, cheer, tickle, amuse, entertain, excite, thrill, captivate,entrance, fascinate, relish, revel in, glory in, love, adore, enjoy, appreciate, like, savor, delectation, bliss, charmed, thrilled, enchanted, rapture, tickled pink, tickled to death, happy… I gave … Continue reading

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I love my stop sign!   It cracks me up everyday! It helps me remember to STOP and Flip the THINGS I am taking WAY too seriously. Look at my life at a different angle and GRIN! I hope no … Continue reading

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