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Ahhh Summer

Summer gives talks with grandma on porch swings permission…

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What do you want for your birthday?

That list changes over the years. One year I wanted to keep my chocolate Barbie Cake that my Aunt Lydia made for me, but every one ate it and I got a color tracing book instead! One year what I … Continue reading

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Dear PAAS Egg Dying Kit

I have failed you and I am sorry. Your 135 year history I promised to carry forth down through my traditional ages as a parent,  as a seasonal-atmosphere-happifier, as a creative mess-maker, I fear, is becoming yet another victim to the … Continue reading

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Life is just so much better on the floor!

It is quite amazing the wisdom achieved when you spend time with royalty!

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Tiny little cabin in the woods

My father bought my mother a tiny little cabin in the woods. We have come to it since I can remember. We always had cousins come and we all slept in sleeping bags everywhere! Me and my siblings grew up … Continue reading

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The Old Family Car

It is time to say good-bye to something that has become, well like family to us. It is our worn out…car! As I dig my hands deep between the seats and pockets to clean it out I find old ticket … Continue reading

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Learners Manual–Someday you will need one

There are plenty of directions on birth! No one gives directions on death. It is not as fun. Here is my new learners manual on the subject. You are welcome to use it because some day you will need one… … Continue reading

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Laughing all the way…

Happy Dec. 12, 2013 Keeping Christ in Christmas in bits and pieces:  A song to hum today: “Laughing all the way…” Jingle Bells by J. Pierport  And I God, saw everything that I had made, and, behold, all things which … Continue reading

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Thank Heaven’s for Dad’s!

Mom’s can be…nice, but dull! They have to follow that “mother book so closely.” Don’t get me wrong, they wipe the pavement out of our scraped knees, they put the carrots in our lunches, they use their spit to wipe … Continue reading

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Taking the Tree Down

Is your tree put away yet? If not do one last holiday together time. Have a sleep over under the tree the night before it comes down. (Idea from my friend N. Saunders)

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