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A contest

(Announcer) “Who’s it going to be folks? There is two left holding on for dear life? It’s now a fierce battle into the night!” “We have a Winner!” “Okay, you guys are next. Alright… ┬áready,.. set,… HOLD ON!” (I told … Continue reading

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Wind Dance

I believe nature has their own parties and we don’t even know its happening around us. Today was wind dance day for sure! And what a party it was!! If anyone has ever been in New England during fall there … Continue reading

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Bombed by Acorns

I swear some delinquent squirrels planned a sabotage, waiting quietly in an oak tree until I lined up directly underneath them yesterday on my walk through Peek-a Boo Path. I got acorn bombed! Here is some of the real evidence. … Continue reading

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Say it in pumpkin…

What is it about those funny looking squashes that make us so happy? I know one reason. The ORANGE color has been recognized psychologically to create an uplift in our moods. But what people don’t realize is that pumpkins can … Continue reading

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Hurry Hurry My Dears

Oh my goodness! Quickly now, my Darlings Come take your seats The show has already begun…

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Painting the earth…

I believe God just can’t help himself this time of year! Art just has to be one of his priorities…    

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October Moon…

Grandma Great always says, “If you stay up too late, you will turn into a pumpkin.” I guess, it is true, Babbers! Happy October!

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