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Life’s fragility

In one second I could send these piles of useless rocks to their original heap with a flick of my toe or finger. But I can’t. I won’t! The rock formation takes on a life of its own standing firm and statuesque … Continue reading

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1,990,000 steps into the unknown

http://youtu.be/PjJ2cYdSjxg  One weekend Kids wearing real names on their wrists of those who lived–                                           and died for a cause … Continue reading

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Happy Dec. 11th  Keeping Christ in Christmas in bits and pieces:  A tune to hum today: “Formed in each believing heart…”  Hark the Herald Angels Sing   by Felix Mendelssohn  1840  Believe is the best Christmas Word!  believe:  accept, have faith … Continue reading

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You absolutely won’t believe it!

Do people really TRUST anymore? I stopped at a pumpkin patch in a tiny town I drive by often. There was no one around. On a sign was the donation prices. You were allowed to go in, pick a pumpkin … Continue reading

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