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The Final Week

The final week of the Savior’s mortal ministry had arrived. For four thousand years prophets had preached and prophesied of the events that would culminate in this particular week. All events in history, memorable as they had been or would … Continue reading

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Happy Dec. 11th  Keeping Christ in Christmas in bits and pieces:  A tune to hum today: “Formed in each believing heart…”  Hark the Herald Angels Sing   by Felix Mendelssohn  1840  Believe is the best Christmas Word!  believe:  accept, have faith … Continue reading

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the forgotten day

…green plastic Easter grass, Cadbury chocolate filled eggs, jelly beans, “Dang it” they’re out of yellow peeps, okay I’ll run to Wallmart after I stop at Homegoods to get a clean table cloth, but maybe I should stop at the … Continue reading

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What do I hold sacred?

This day, what would I have taken home in my heart?  Watching in the outer courts of the temple;  tables upturned, chairs tossed aside, and currency scattered.  Jesus acting out in righteous anger… But it lasts only a moment and … Continue reading

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