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“If a  year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour.” Victoria Erickson   Thought from Bella Grace Magazine Autumn 2019  Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington and Co.       S

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It’s nearly here, I can sense it

I was given a 12 minute writing prompt in a writers group today. I would like to share what I wrote. Prompt: “That’s when I was no longer a stranger…” I hated the east when I moved here 20 years … Continue reading

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Bombed by Acorns

I swear some delinquent squirrels planned a sabotage, waiting quietly in an oak tree until I lined up directly underneath them yesterday on my walk through Peek-a Boo Path. I got acorn bombed! Here is some of the real evidence. … Continue reading

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Hurry Hurry My Dears

Oh my goodness! Quickly now, my Darlings Come take your seats The show has already begun…

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It’s Gathering time

As much as I love summer’s carefree days, there is nothing like the feeling of Fall. It’s gathering time. The sun feels hot but the air feels crisp. The insects and animals seem to know– and my instincts  pull me … Continue reading

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Little Pumpkins!

Look what my brother does in the FALL! He blows pumpkins out of glass. It is quite remarkable to watch the honey-like hot molten substance turn into something so hard and fragile. It is awesome! The blowing part feels like … Continue reading

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Atmosphere in Autumn

How do you create Atmosphere for Fall? Do you decorate Formal, Natural, Creepy Halloween, or Playful? Spend a few minutes to buy a pumpkin, gather some beautiful fall leaves, hang a skeleton, or search the closets for “old” family decorations. … Continue reading

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