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It’s time for change (artful summertime)

Sixteen years ago my little girl and first child left home for college. This is her as a mouse being carried away via daisy air travel. What do you do when you feel blue? I run to color to make … Continue reading

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How’dya get to be so CREE-ATE-IVE!

Have you ever been asked that? Said in a 1/3 complimentary tone, 1/3 “really, you’ve got to be kidding–why would anyone do that,” tone, and a 1/3 what a waste of your time, tone… But if you need to ask you … Continue reading

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Oh, no…why?

Well, what else do I do with that cool fabric paint after I doodle brush all over my blah-zey summer slip-ons to spunk them up? Answer: I splash and pour and drip and blend those lovely colors all over the … Continue reading

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Pickin up the pieces

I trust my friend Art. He seems to know me best. He understands exactly what I need at the right time, usually when I don’t even know myself. At this time in my life, the precious things I am made … Continue reading

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Left overs…

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Sand, Sun, Water and Oh I do love Summer!

Not just any day at the beach Here’s a few new ideas besides towels, tuna sandwiches, and the plastic shovel and bucket… 1.  The ultimate investment for beach going.  A sturdy home-improvement-store 3 foot metal shovel.  It will not only … Continue reading

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