Scrambled Egg Time!


This amazing little container can be a source for great fun besides tummy filling. It fits the palm of human hands so perfectly it makes us want to…

yep, throw it.

I admit,

with my rambunctious, energetic family, I  have actually acted on that thought and have encouraged healthy and legal “egg bombing” activities; particularly around Easter EGG-STRAVEGANZA time!

Some egg enthusiasts create confetti filled eggs and crack them on heads of friends or family for strange satisfaction but this eco-friendly family, date, or friend’s activity is so much more satisfying as you hurl these perfect filled egg sized bombs against trees, over ponds, in fields, out windows, over cliffs, at mountains, at self made NATURAL targets and NOT at people or people’s things!

*There is a disclaimer attached because I am not a biologist and wonder if it could create severe neurosis in birdies when they come to feast the treat and see parts of their cousin’s offspring shells amidst the bird seed. (I hope they have poor eye sight and don’t notice.)


Tap the top of the egg until you make a slight hole and dump out the contents in a cup, or bowl to make scrambled eggs later on.

Make a carton or two or three or five.

You will wish you had more!

I promise!


While you let the eggs dry out in the carton go to your local store and purchase a small bag of bird seed. You probably have left over from the Random Acts of Kindness Date ideas in the past blog posts. (While you’re there get a tiny bag of grass seed for another Easter EGG-STRAVEGANZA activity; the grass-hair growing one)

When you return fill up the eggs with bird seed and place them back in the egg cartons.

Optional you can cover the hole with duct  or masking tape but you don’t have to.


Isn’t that the coolest little container!

You have now created satisfying eco-friendly egg-bombs that can create some pretty fun memories for you and happy birds, mice, rats, squirrels and chipmunks and sometimes bears.


Don’t forget to go back to your kitchen which is a playground full of fun full-sensory experiments, messes, gadgets and family/friend/possible significant other fun. 

Whip up the eggs and sit down to a warm meal together. Don’t forget to thank that hen for pushing out that perfect little container..bless her heart…and bumm!

Recipe Variations to regular scrambled eggs

(complimentary of Family Fun Cook Book, Pg, 21)

Cream Cheese and Chives Scrambled Eggs: Melt 1 T butter in saucepan. Beat two eggs together and stir in pan for one minute. Add 1-2 T cream cheese, cut into 1/2 in cubes and 4 fresh  chives, snipped into pieces. Yummmm. I can smell a toasted blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese just sittin’ next to this on a dish!

Cheddar Cheese and Bacon: Don’t we do this anyway! Pfff! I don’t think we need directions…(Nuke bacon in the microwave between 2 paper towels for less mess and faster in the tummy)

Cottage Cheese and Dill: Add 1 heaping T. cottage cheese and 2 t. chopped dill to the nearly cooked scrambled eggs. The cottage cheese melts like regular cheese but it is light and creamy. Sooo good!

Tomato and Basil: Toss half a small, diced tomato and 1 to 2 t. chopped fresh basil into your scrambled eggs before serving. Add some cut melon or strawberries on the side, Oh my stomach is growling!

Salsa, cilantro, and sour cream: Mix 1-2 T salsa, 1 t. chopped fresh cilantro and 2 t. sour cream into scrambled eggs while cooking. Serve over warmed tortillas.

Or be silly and add food coloring to your egg mixture and eat your egg- color of choice. 



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“…Obey thy heart”(part III)

Sally, a family friend, has strapped on gigantic wings and makes her mark with a foundation in India called Rising Star. Families who have generationally been outcasted as untouchables are now being educated by Dreamers who want to make good changes happen.

Last week she posted this picture of a friend she has met there whom she referred to as a “shero.”


This woman has devoted her entire life in service to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in pretty dire circumstances.

Where are her wings to fly out of the labyrinth?

When will she get her dreams?

Is there courage in staying behind?

Circumstances, obligations, duty, and/or even love often hold us back and keeps us grounded.

It is not glamorous to stay behind to help repair wings, be a sturdy hold in the wind, or light in a storm. It takes work to prepare the wax and collect feathers so others can have the chance to fly. It is rarely given accolades or attention yet is it not as important as casting off?

Has her life been a waste or has she made her mark?

Fear is not always the excuse to stay in the labyrinth– often it is love.

Being the one who chooses to stay behind to assist others in their dreams and flight.

Staying behind has its own courage.


Whether we take courage to dream and fly-

or take courage to stay behind-

what matters most

is how best to Love.

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Oh Dear! (part ll)


IMG_3437After that “weird and wordy” blog post, my children have all booked “flights” for X-treme thrills.

“Mom gave her approval, here is the proof!”

The message I’m pondering isn’t about taking up bridge bungee jumping or avalanche skiing…

It is deeper and bigger than Icarus’ thrill ride to the sun.

It is seeking deep within us what makes us feel most alive and fulfilled and whether we can accomplish it in our lives.

The message for me is really about the labyrinth; the thing which holds us bound.

It is about making wings out of whatever you can find, ignoring tauntings from without and from within. and being brave enough to actually attach them to your shoulders and change your circumstances.

And then jump…

We may try and fall as Icarus.

We may try and succeed as Daedalus.

Or stay in the labrynth like me.

Which of the two who flew fulfilled their destiny and truly made their mark?

Both did.

Both broke past fear.

My thoughts often find me questioning why I stay stuck in the labrynth and stay a scaredy-cat. I dream of making wings and breaking free. I am the “other F-word’s” best student; but also fear’s best prisoner. Thank goodness I married a Daedalus who constantly straps wings on himself and our children. Oh, how I admire how fearless they are! I’m great at encouraging dreams, and clapping and cheering while peeking through the labrynth.

We can stay stuck or not.  But I think part of living is breaking past the obstacles fear puts in our way. And then we wait and see what happens. I guess that is what faith truly is.

I wish I were brave  enough to just try on the wings…

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The real “F” word

My usual reading does not include Greek mythology but words from Louise Plummer’s book, Thoughts of a Grasshopper got me thinking.

Her question in the passage “Fear, I Embrace You,” is this:

“What keeps us from making our mark?”

I absolutely know the answer for me. It is the “f” word; FEAR.

The myth goes like this: It is about the boy Icarus. “He and his father, Daedalus, were held prisoners inside a labyrinth on the island of Crete by King Minos. To escape Daedalus created a pair of wings for himself and his son.” His binding agent to stick the wings to their shoulders was wax. “Both triumphantly escaped through the air and closer and closer they came to the mainland. But Icarus, flushed with excitement and exhilaration, soured even higher towards the sun–despite the warnings of his father. At last, he flew so high that the heat of the sun melted the wax, and off gripped the wings. The lad plunged downward into the sea and was drowned.” (Myths and Their Meaning [Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1953], 56).

Sad story, right?

But then there is a twist included by a poem of the same story by Anne Sexton:

Consider Icarus, pasting those sticky wings on, testing that strange little tug at his shoulder blade, and think of that flawless moment over the lawn of the labyrinth. Think of the difference it made! There below the trees, as awkward as camels; and here are the shocked starlings pumping past and think of innocent Icarus who is doing quite well; larger than a sail, over the fog and the blast of the plushy ocean, he goes. Admire his wings! Feel the fire at his neck and see how causally he glances up and is caught, wonderously tunneling the hot eye. Who cares that he fell back to the sea? See him acclaiming the sun and come plunging down while his sensible Daddy goes straight into town. (The Complete Poems [Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1981], 53).

What keeps us from making our mark?

Sexton is not applauding the safe “sensible daddy” but the thrill of Icarus’ flight.

 Plummer explains “there is always the danger …in taking flight, that like Icarus, we could fall from the sky and die.”

“…becoming the self we dream of being, the self who can make a joyful mark on the world, means taking a risk that only feels life threatening, it only feels as if we’re falling out of the sky. The risk is not death but disapproval from family and friends. The risk is being the butt of the joke. Failure and humiliation are the real risks, and humiliation feels as scary as drowning.”

But she goes on to explain:

“…to limit [ourselves] out of fear–is more like drowning in the sea than confronting the fear.”

If we never take the risk to be our true selves, or open up our dreams, we may pretend we are content and live safely but will we really be living?

I wonder…

“Fear does not kill; it only gives you diarrhea.”


Plummer, Louise. (1987). Thoughts of a Grasshopper. Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book.


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Who is your God?


Who is your God?

What is He or She like?

Do you talk to Him or Her?

A friend and I were discussing God over dinner after she had offered grace before we ate. She had grown up Catholic and felt it was easy to pray to Mary because she was comforted by Jesus’ mother. But when talking to God as a child she used to feel intimidated like he was too omnipotent to be bothered by a little dot on the earth, which was her. But since then her relationship with God has changed. The discussion began.

Who is your God?

What is He like?

Do you talk to Him?

We both believe in a similar male God that looks like a man but contains all power over the universe, and we both believe that love is the first and most powerful law of the universe.

But what came out of the discussion was the influence our dad’s played in establishing a relationship with that “Father Figure” in heaven. It had a huge impact on both of us.

When she mentioned her first impressions of the scary God, I told her that I never ever felt that way about God. I explained that the reason was because my dad was such a kind, loving, soft-hearted father to me that I carried that father figure model clear up to the heavens, beyond the clouds to my God in Heaven. According to my belief He had those same characteristics as my own dad but on a grander scale. She agreed that her father had also been a positive influence in her own life and was also what influenced her new relationship with God as she grew older.

Isn’t that interesting. Our dad’s relationship with us on earth influences how we feel about our Father in the Heavens.

That is pretty powerful and a big responsibility.

We both enjoy talking to God every single day.

And we both believe he listens to our prayers and guides our lives.

Thanks dad’s who love their children so we learn to love GOD.

(I also ask God to give hugs to my dad and mom up there, too.)

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It’s time to play

Be true to your authentic self even if your shoes have splatters of paint…

It brings happiness to the soul.


How do you find that self?

Go back to your childhood and remember what you played when you were free to do anything you wanted. And discover a version of it now.

Then go…

This is me completing a mural for the children’s area at the homeless shelter right before winter. A group of children began it this past summer…

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More Date Ideas for RAK

 Posting dating ideas to support the fun of being kind:

Here is today’s RAK Date Ideas:

THEME: Be Kind to workers and places you normally go

Date #1: MAKE A DAY! a. Fill your post box with colorful post-its telling you postal worker 20 plus reasons why you appreciate them. b. Purchase a $10 gift card to a favorite beverage establishment and tape it to your trash can for your trash collector. c. Play games at your local grocers or Walmart by gathering carts by having races to the holders, having one person get inside and the other push as you bring them closer to the gathering places and while at it pass out starbursts or happy thoughts on post-its to people in the parking lot. d. Take the train or bus? Change seats at every stop and put post-it’s with uplifting thoughts on seats or windows for people to find. e. Be a secret messenger in your circle of the day to someone who you think may not usually get a thank you, a nice card or treat and doorbell ditch, cubicle ditch, office ditch, or drop it off with the doorman. The treats can be small plants, candy bars, a box of crayons and color book, etc… Here’s a list of some of those people: those people who have to sit in huts to collect money for parking lots or traffic to pass, Your cleaners, the receptionist at the gym, your dentist, or pediatrician, your vet receptionist, mail carrier, garbage collector, gardeners, teachers and their assistants, principals, traffic police, crossing guards, grocery store baggers, train conductors, uber drivers, bus drivers, security guards…Make it fun!

Date #2: HOMELESS BAGS: Purchase: pint size freezer bags. Choose what type of bags you would like to create for homeless people that you would random encounter. Create 10 treat bags. Here are some ideas: Grooming bags: travel size tooth paste, and brushes, comb, shampoo, or soap. Warm Bag: Hand or feet warmers, mittens, hot chocolate packs (just add water kind). Treat pack: random wrapped candies, granola, small beef jerky’s. Divvy out with your date and either keep in your cars for when you see someone, or drive around and pass them out.

Date #3: Pay for the people behind you. (A drive through works great) Go to a place you normally go to eat and pay for people behind you. Tell the cashier that you want to watch how they respond. This is so fun!

Date #4: Thank Service Workers: Fire men and Police appreciate treats. Go buy a Costco Pie, or a plate of cookies. or better yet a whole freezer Lasagne and drop it off with a big note saying THANK-YOU!

Date #5: Buy a huge bouquet of inexpensive flowers. (Carnations) Walk around with your date and pass out flowers to people. While you do ask them to tell you something unique about them.

Date#6: Go to an arcade with a ton of quarters and pass them out for anyone to play.


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