Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is on your mind and shoulders…

…and to top it off you even skinned your knee…(look close)

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Can air feel familiar?

Can the earth in certain places or energy felt there feel so comfy and recognizable that your insides innately seek that homing-pigeon flight…to there; even if only in your heart.

What is it that makes a place stir a feeling inside that feels just right that you know you are home. It is different for every human but there are places on this earth that give us roots and stability.

It could be a flat in Harlem, NY where the smells or sounds bring that ‘my-people’ feeling back. It could be a ranch in the middle of Wyoming where God paints the sunsets and the smell of the earth fills up the fibers of your soul. It could be in a small suburban neighborhood where mom’s used to stay at home and kids would run in and out of neighbor’s houses, barefoot and carefree. It could be an annual vacation spot that brings up fond memories of childhood. But no matter where, every human longs for that place called home.

I recently heard a discussion from the children of the actors of the show, The Wizard of Oz. The underlying reason that the show was a huge hit was the message “There’s no place like home.” Dorothy HAD to get back home and everyone worked for that goal and believed in it because that was the most important place to be. It tapped into that subliminal feeling we all have that we long for home.

I believe “home” is a spiritual concept.

God placed “home” deep inside of us for us to long to come back to Him; our eternal HOME. When we feel close to that home feeling, it feels comfortable and warm and it is supposed to feel that way; spiritually.

In August we celebrated 19 years in our Eastern home. It was a difficult move for me, I will not lie. I worked very hard to change a foreign place and a house, (clear across the country), into our home; a spot where even the air feels familiar. Family memories, struggles, service, and the hustle-bustle of life contribute to filling the walls to make it ours. And now this place is home. But also is the air in the SF Bay Area and in Southern California, and in the mountains by a lake.

I love home.

It is my sanctuary; my refuge.

I believe the concept is deeper than we think and it feels right.

The sense of home is real and it is personal.

It is our own place to relax and be ourselves.

Home is necessary for our souls to feel secure someplace in the world.

It’s our spot…

on the big earth.





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personal eclipses

Did you feel the energy change during the Eclipse? It felt different in the atmosphere when the sun was blocked. The experience was cool and interesting yet I wanted it to be over with and back to normal. That big ball of sun-energy is my light and life source and I felt relief when it was back.

I have only begun to understand energy but I think of it a lot.

A wise teacher shared an energy dilemma she struggled with in her career which has been on my mind lately. She explained that her career choice sapped much of her physical and enthusiastic energy so when she came home to her family her energy fuel tank was close to empty. She was bothered that her husband and children did not get her best energy. She had no solution, just stating the truth.

She needed to work, but she asked me what I did to refuel good energy?

It made me think of my own personal eclipses and what it is I choose that covers or saps my best energy from the people I care about the most. I have been thinking what I choose which saps or restores my full shine.

I am at one of those filling stations that I choose. I have gone, since a child, to get refueled every summer with people I love at a tiny cabin at a lake. I feel exactly like a car on empty when I come and this place is the gas pump filling me to the brim. Even here eclipses affect people, including me. I have to consciously choose to keep the good energy flowing and not blocked.

Everyday we have eclipses that block our shine. What is stealing your energy away from your best you?


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35 years

This is a selfie of

my husband and me

right left brain graphic

This is how he has adapted with me, minus the cigarette…


This is how I have adapted with him plus the vomits…

roller coaster kids

We are celebrating a huge milestone today.

35 years of an incredible journey together.


He is my everything…

over on the left!

Happy Anniversary Lovey-




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the tones of life

I never realized what a treasure this one little gift has been from my childhood home after my parents passed. It sings a familiar tune as the metal tubes sway and tap merrily in the breeze. It lifts me up and takes me to a gentle time and place.


This thought expresses the blessed tone of my parents’ life music they sang to us.

Let our words be like wind chimes.

Tone is something we hear like wind chimes blowing in the air. What sounds do our words make…? Communication is more than what we say; it is how we say it and how we sound. As much as possible, without forfeiting what we have to say, let our words be music to people’s ears.

Melody Beattie


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A soothing sip of tea


I know that is impossible because there is no use trying to figure them out, as all cat owners understand.

They do things their own way on their own time, they are fickle, quirky, extremely head strong, maintain a little wild cat still inside of them, and they instinctly drive their owners crazy.

Chloe is our cat. She will be a young 16 year old in October. She is named after one of my son’s second grade crushes who recently got married…not to my son.

But by golly, after all these years I think I figured out something about her and I think I am right! (Should I call Believe IT or NOT?)

Every single morning Chloe will strongly let me know when it is time for me to take my morning shower. She insists that she must be there right next to the shower door. While I am in the shower she waits patiently but sometimes she yells at me that I am taking too long.

(Sorry, she kept moving her head during the picture so it is blurry…)


When I am finished, the door MUST stay open just wide enough for this water-phobic animal to climb inside while it is all wet. You can never get her in there when it is dry.(That’s a cat’s mentality…)


Once in the shower she licks up all the water that is left on the floor and in the door well. It has to be in the morning when I first wake up! At first we all thought she must like the taste of DOVE soap. It isn’t that.


But today it dawned on me!

It’s in the morning.

The water is warm.

There’s a hint of minty ‘Head and Shoulders’ shampoo.

The air is steamy.

Chloe is insisting she get her morning sip of tea!!!!!!!


She now is soothed just enough to find that “just right” sunny spot where she curls up and falls sound asleep for most of the day…


…because she is nocturnal and goes from room to room trying to wake us all up to play all night long so of course she needs her warm tea before bedtime.


They are crazy little animals.

This one’s the boss of all of us but boy, do we love her to pieces!

She loves us but mind you, only when she feels like it.

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Cherry Kool-Aid Play Dough (continued)

I had to take a break from painting fog and run to color!

My gray stained hands and compression sleeve show my impatience.



A comforting sensory experience.

It smells so yummy.

It is warm.

It is delicious pinkish red.

It is squishy soft.

How could you not feel good making Kool-aid play dough?

Best of all is that I found some children I knew would love it, and gave it away!

( I love home made play dough for so many reasons…)

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