Thank you dear Veterans

A Boy Creates A Flag For A Class Assignment, But No One Expected THIS!!
The men and women who serve America in the Military deserve our full respect and support.  They risk their lives around the world to keep us safe.
Soldiers are why America is free. And when we have the chance to take care of veterans, we MUST always do so.
Jacob, a young man from Indiana, designed an American flag for a school art project.  What he did is going viral in a BIG WAY!

There are 4,466 army soldiers on the flag, painted red, white, and blue.  It took more than 52 hours.
What a great way to honor the troops! Jacob deserves an A+ for his art project.

He shall be great who serves his country well.
He shall be loved who ever guards her fame.
His worth the starry banner long shall tell,
Who loves his land too much to stoop to shame.

Who shares the splendor of these sunny skies
Has freedom as his birthright, and may know
Rich fellowship with comrades brave and wise;
Into the realms of manhood he may go.

Who writes, ‘United States’ beside his name
Offers a pledge that he himself is true;
Gives guarantee that selfishness or shame
Shall never mar the work he finds to do.

He is received world-wide as one who lives
Above the sordid dreams of petty gain,
And is reputed as a man who gives
His best to others in their hours of pain.

This is the heritage of Freedom’s soil:
High purposes and lofty goals to claim.
And he shall be rewarded for his toil
Who loves his land too much to stoop to shame. 

Edgar A. Guest

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To notice…

“Women who are concerned with being pretty think about what they look like,

but women who are concerned with being beautiful think about what they are looking at.

They are taking it all in.

They are taking in the whole beautiful world and making all that beauty theirs to give away to others.”

Glennon Doyle MeltonLove Warrior: A Memoir 


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Little tastes of happy

Boy oh boy did my kitchen smell yummy today…

Why do little cookie cutter cookies make me smile from mixing bowl to tummy?

Not sure but they always do.

So loved making sweet messes with my little girls!

Help yourself-

yum! yum!

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Have you ever accidentally slipped and cut your finger with a knife?

In that instant you know as the pain socks a punch, the blood begins to leak, and the shivers begin as you rush to cover and pinch.

But at Halloween, adding a jagged scar left over from a gruesome cut, perhaps with stitch marks achieves a great chilling affect to our costumes, decorations or pumpkin carvings that perhaps directly connect us to our own senses. We remember our own fear and pain. Scars are ugly and creepy…

But when Halloween is over some of us cannot remove those creepy imperfections by using soap and water; they are permanently a part of us and the true horror could be a mirror or the nightmarish memories. 

But not for a brave teenage Nigerian girl

who looks at scars with a powerful perspective…

“…I ask you right here to please to agree with me that a scar is never ugly. That is what the scar makers want us to think. But you and I we must make an agreement to defy them. We must see all scars as beauty, okay? This will be our secret. Because take it from me, a scar does not form on the dying. A scar means, I survived.

(Little Bee by Chris Cleave, page 9)

God bless my sisters and brothers in cancer who are beautiful with scars.

Never forget, no one can cut your spirit!

Celebrating Cancer Awareness Month

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The need to scream!

I encourage healthy screaming.

Life gets weird, lonely, frightening, hopeless, frustrating, unfair, and so out of whack that sometimes we need to scream because we want someone to hear us. 

But isn’t screaming a little extreme and impolite, you say?

That depends…

If you do not have some type of outlet for things out of your control then it becomes extremely dangerous for your inside self. Most people who have experienced cancer in their lives usually have kept screams inside…

I have been analyzing from my own life and the lives of other people ways we can healthy “scream,” often without straining our vocal chords. Healthy screams are statements we make or actions we do which make a very LOUD statement about something we need to say or to just “let off steam.”

Many people scream out in different ways such as running, competing in or participating in all different types of sports, yoga, meditation, breathing, attending concerts, gardening, driving a car, playing music, dancing, creating something, dressing a certain way, dying their hair, shopping,…etc. 

Regardless of how, if you need to scream choose a healthy safe way. Then let it go!

“Sometimes you just gotta yell and scream. Sometimes it’s the only thing to do. Noisy as a firetruck, you just gotta open up and get the crowds attention turned to you…” (Safety Kids Music)



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mom croppedbald momma

I am a survivor.
My life is a miracle and I bless every single day.
Today, October 1st marks the beginning of breast cancer awareness month. 
Pass along some lovin.’ Your cancer friends will love it. 
It’s great to be alive!

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Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is on your mind and shoulders…

…and to top it off you even skinned your knee…(look close)

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