A Poem in my Quiet Space

May 14, 2020

How do I love you?



How do I love you?

For if you take all the screaming, all the fists thrust in the air, or the buckets with tears; buckets and buckets and buckets…

How do I?

How–do I peel off the labels stuck on so hard that rubbing and scraping don’t remove them–that it hurts to do so, it hurts because they won’t come off and it hurts because they’re stuck on.

How do I love them off?

How do I hold you in my arms so tight–

So you feel I’m sincere, that I mean what I say, that ‘I promise’ and it isn’t just a word, but a trust you can hold to, because someplace, sometime you couldn’t. And it was lost.

How do I love away those walls because I can’t reach you outside of them. Walls that guard your broken heart because you hoped; and it crumbled.

How do I love enough to create hope?

Ho do I love  your right-ness, your good-ness, your soul when I can’t find it because there is too much chaos…                    I can’t reach you.

I can barely find you, you’re so far away

fading farther and farther…

so you can’t find you either.

How do I love you, sweet broken heart.

I know you are hurting.

I can’t stand it!

Please everyone,





So I can come to you, to love you.

Because it is I that screams for love, too.

WE are both made of it.


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1 Response to A Poem in my Quiet Space

  1. Katie says:

    I was waiting to see who wrote that poem at the end. It was You! Amazing! Post it to Facebook!!

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