Did earth get her wish?

For a spectacular 2020 opening to the  year

what if the universe granted earth one wish.

blue and white planet display

What would earth have wished for?

What would earth want more than anything?

Did earth get her wish?

Did she ask for some peace and quiet?

Did she ask for her dear inhabitants to be happy?

Did she ask to regain her organic rhythm?

Did she ask for some type of message to linger?

Did she ask to be remembered?

Did she ask for a pause?


Mindfulness has one organic goal that could be quite scary.

It is to slow down enough to notice.

Perhaps earth asked to rotate quietly and listen to the wind and whispers of the stars just for a little while. 

Perhaps earth is not as sick as her inhabitants are.  

Perhaps earth asked for peace whatever way the universe decided how to bring it.

Do you think earth got her wish?




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