Serious? Mindfulness helps?

topless man in black pants doing yoga

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Have you been hit with the mindfulness stuff yet, you know to help “deal” with the world pandemic? If you haven’t you will.

Stop and look at the present, they say. Breathe they say. Sit quiet and body scan.

Are you kidding? As the earth takes cosmic sick days, covers her head with the Milky way, and stops on her axis in the universe, we on this planet struggle with the great pause.

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FIX HER?! Who will be the big doctor who can fix earth?

astronomy cosmic cosmos dark

Photo by Pixabay 

Our daily breathing is the one thing we don’t have to worry about except if we get sick and can’t. And we pray what is making earth sick, won’t be the one thing that effects our households beside everything else going on because of it!

Mindful stopping to look at our present is like telling the ocean or clouds to stay still. We just can’t. Most of us don’t even get the time to go to the bathroom without a distraction. And we don’t want to look in the present because the past and the future are so much easier to dwell in; safer.

The sitting quiet and body scan part is a luxury and a curse. Sitting quiet on a beach would be the dream, but the scan is way too vulnerable, way too much delving in that core we don’t want to go right now because it reveals truth we all are actually really really scared. The whole world is. There isn’t enough money to fix the earth on her sick days. There actually are vulnerable parts to the human race and all we really really want is all the bad stuff to go away so we can get back to what we thought made us happy, all of us to be taken care of, and the earth to just get back to doing her thing in the cosmos.


That mindfulness thing makes me have to be aware, to look closely, to see me and my frailties. It makes me have-to calm down with simply breath with just myself. That is terrifying.

It is way easier to have a nervous breakdown, run away, tantrum, and rant. I don’t want a strategy to calm down when I want to stay angry and demand what I deserve. Just maybe if we all knock loud enough by our exhaustive discomforts and bang on earth’s door, she will get up and do her thing, even if she doesn’t feel good. We have to, it’s only fair…we are the best animal, right. We have our needs!

The mindfulness stuff and quiet breathing can wait until later. When we will be calm and peaceful some other time.


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