You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Anyone have a pent up scream?

For sure your teens do… (and maybe your cat!)

What do you do with a pent up scream?

We all have them, you know—and do you know what? That is part of the human experience and NOT BAD! (Remember self-compassion, no matter what)

Screams brew in our insides like a chemical reaction building building  building then ready to EXPLODE! (Insert boy noise of an explosion here)

It is energy that needs to be directed…someplace. But where?

Did you know you can bundle up scream energy, like a Relief Casserole and deliver it to “other” addresses instead of one big…


Where else can you deliver them, you ask? (Even the really combustible one I’m feeling today!!)

Here is a list where to put screams- I know about this stuff, I am an experienced screamer…

  • A punching bag left (or a pillow)
  • A car ride with or without a play list. (Sometimes a really really long one)
  • A hot shower with the door locked
  • Dancing (one of the 4 universal salves)
  • In an instrument or voice with music (Singing and music is universal salve number 2)
  • A house scrub down, car wash, organizing a drawer. (The vacuum fears you)
  • Exercise! Sports! A bike ride, your own marathon depending on how long that scream goes…
  • Cooking, especially something with beaters/ or eat ice cream like the poem
  • Journaling (And if you need tons of different ways to journal for you or teens, let me know)
  • A permanent marker and an empty closet wall (especially for your teens) Let them scream anything in their closet, and you just let it go…I write  on my basement ceiling, well and paint or build on every other surface I can find.
  • Art making or crafting of any and all kinds. (Do you know how many art pieces and art processes are silent screams? Millions)
  • A book, picture book, or movie/or writing your own. (Storytelling is universal salve number 3)
  • Gardening and touching earth
  • A walk out in nature (Silence is universal salve number 4 of four) Trees are the best listeners, I promise!
  • THE THIRD THING: (In the children’s picture book Miss Rumphius her grandfather reminds her of the “third thing” to accomplish in her lifetime. It is to make the world a beautiful place. It was then she decided to plant bulbs everywhere so each year they will multiply and blossom. Where can you put your scream that is the third thing?)

You know, dears—

This experience is hard and most of us do not like it.

And we do have screams inside and we are okay.

Wrap up your scream and place it someplace you choose.

And if you simply can’t get rid of it because the blanket it’s wrapped in is fear, then pray it out to Christ. I’m absolutely certain, He has screamed at least one time in His life in a garden somewhere…

Week 4, we got this!

Let’s grab hands, take a step in, and scream as loud as we can…

Screaming with a pen today,


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