The Weather Within


We may not be able to control the heavy barometer pressure swirling outside, but we do have control of the barometer pressure and weather patterns on the inside of our homes.

What’s your inside weather today? Stormy, cloudy with a chance of showers? A full on storm? Will there be a monsoon? A wind that creates chaos and destruction? Is there a flurry?

Our internal barometer affects weather that we place around us, and weather of those we live with. Is the heavy pressure building? Are you dragging and stirring up dust?

This is a swirling storm time. It is frightening.

But it will not last.

Be aware of your weather patterns. We have the ability to make the inside weather better than what is going on outside. We actually can shine during storms.

Weather outside passes.

Weather inside sticks as atmosphere…

Be a weather watcher.

This will come…


I choose sunny…


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