5 Fun things to do during a Pandemic

(Never thought I’d write those words)

  1. THE VENTING WALL: People need to vent. Even little people. Dry erase, washable markers, water colors, or washable crayons work great on bathroom mirrors, tiles and sliding glass doors. You could make one a venting wall, one a gratitude wall and one to give encouragement. Or grab some paper and tape a private venting space behind a child’s bedroom door so they can create a private “scream spot” that they can run to that is safe and private not on social media. Draw happy…
  2. SURPRISE TREASURE ON A DOOR: Decide a thought for the day. If you are single/or with a family, depending on time (which we have a lot of) write the same thought on several nice pieces of paper (your kids could even decorate them), or simple post its, and take a walk around your apartment complex, or neighborhood and stick these thoughts on people’s doors or mailboxes for an uplift. Its like a surprise fortune cookie message to look forward to. Do it as an outing everyday or once a week to get out, and to send kind wishes out in the world, to your friends and neighbors. Here are three to get a head start.


Everything can change in the blink of an eye, but don’t worry, God never blinks.

 The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B. –James Yorker

Be soft

Don’t let pain make you hate

Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness.

Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree,

you still believe it to be a beautiful place.   –Zaln Thomas


  1. BAKE OR COOK SOMETHING TO EAT: This seems silly but this connects humans to feeling taken care of and nurtured. The sensory experience of touching, preparing, tasting, smelling the fragrant aromas then eating at the completion, and even a ritual of cleaning up is extremely soothing and fun if you are alone, or with others. Use this as a one on one with children to keep up with how they are feeling. When you work along-side you open an opportunity to share more…
  2. CREATE CAMPFIRES: Not the real kind, unless you have access to the weather and space. “Create circles” with friends and family even if they have to be virtual, (like the zoom app). Here are a few ideas for healing circles: Thorns and roses circles. Go around and tell what is bothering you and what you are glad about. Story circles: tell family stories or begin a story in the round. Dance circles: everyone picks a favorite part of a song and everyone dances to it. Pass around circle where you  choose an object and everyone who it is passed to must talk about a subject of choice. (or button button for little ones) Prayer circles: gather round and offer concerns or gratitude to the God you believe in. Circles go as far back as the beginning and it is where we feel connected and safe.
  3. COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY: I love this. It began in Italy on balconies when people stuck inside began going out, making music together. In your small community chose a time; like 6 pm and you facilitate a plan for everyone to go outside their front door (or balcony) and ring a bell, or shout hellos, or sing, or dance with music, but connect every day at that same time to shout out, “We are here and we care about each other.”


We can collectively send positive energy out into the universe because happy always wins in the end…

Have fun with this…we can do it!



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