I am passionate about…

When I was in sixth grade my friend and I decided we were going to be sisters. She made me a sister bracelet, and she one exactly the same and for the next seven years we wore those white and yellow daisy beads passionate that our friendship went clear to sisterhood.

My son loved wolves as a child. Once his grandma took him to a wolf sanctuary were he could actually see real wolves interacting. He was thrilled. He isn’t quite so “in” to wolves anymore…

Why do we have passions? What are they for anyway? Where do they go when we don’t need them any longer?

Certain things tickle our fancy or grab hold of something inside making us feel connected, expressive, important, filled, energized or just plain happy.  Authentic passions don’t drain us, they fill us, naturally. They belong to us personally.

One of my sons frolics with math, splashing around into the depths gives him a thrill. A friend pours over needle point spending hours doing intricate stitches. Some people love to run while others can’t stand to walk to the mailbox. Some people love tattoos, some certain types of seeds for a garden, some building Legos, some watching podcasts.

Obsessive passions, on the other hand, are passions gone cuckoo. They are passions that deplete us or people around us by doing them, because they turn from being relaxing and fun, to addictive and fixating. Video gaming, exercise or dieting often turn into an obsessive passion. If something you once did for fun now is consuming your time, thoughts, or energy then perhaps you may re-think the real reason why you are doing it. It has changed from authentic to obsessive and is no longer a passion, now it is a pressure and no longer healthy for you, or those who care about you.

Passions are for our well being and bring us joy. Passions change as we grow up. Some stay forever, some serve a purpose for just a time. Think about a passion you had as a child. Think of one now. There is something magical about you and that connection. It makes you unique. It makes you happy. It makes you healthy…

What are you passionate about?



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