Food simply feeds us. We would die if we did not eat. We are much like a car that runs out of gas, and we have to continually refuel our “tanks” with nutrients. What we put in our body is the only thing our body can use to keep it working. If we put in bad gas, we will not get the proper nutrients our bodies need. Our bodies love us, but they are also at our disposal. All our body systems are in place working hard to keep us well. But what we give our body is what our body has to work with to make sure all our parts work the very best.

Air simply feeds us. We would die if we did not inhale and exhale air. Much the same as food, our bodies only can use the type of air we breathe in. If the air is poor, our body can only work with the poor air. If it is taken in with health, it can give our body the ultimate nutrients it needs to be and stay as well as it can. All our body systems are in place working hard to keep us well with the air we choose.

Energy simply feeds us. We don’t usually think about these types of nutrients. There is energy all around us and we take it in much like food and air. Energy that is unhealthy for our bodies is similar to unhealthy foods, and unhealthy air except instead of compromising our physical parts, it also begins to affect our feelings, our enthusiasm, and our inner energy. This isn’t mystical and back-to-the-60’s stuff. This is actually true. Your brain is constantly assessing the world and  our senses are experiencing it. Energy can be generated around us and we can’t always control it, such as the energy from a large city with all the visual input, noise, fast pace, smells, tastes, and people. But there is also energy, much like food and air that we choose to input. Our souls are also at our disposal. They work with the energy that we input just like food and air. If we continually input negativity, frustration, hopelessness, or even self disapproval, our energy takes this in and tries to maintain what it is supposed to do with the inputted energy we have given it. If we seek things that are kind, positive, interconnective, peaceful…our energy will respond to the input with best outcome for us. All our soul systems are in place working hard to keep us feeling happy, lovable, and joyful. It depends on what we input.

We feed our bodies and our souls and our bodies can only use what we choose to give it.

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